Shooting Through Walls

As I play GZ, one thing always seems to bug me. You can’t shoot through walls. I mean, concrete, or heavy steel obviously is not what I’m talking about. I mean more like plaster or drywall, car doors, etc. Literally, I could stand behind a wood shed and it will stop a .50 cal.

So my question is, why don’t the devs add a feature that makes some lighter cover susceptible to heavy fire, thus making you (or the machine your shooting at) have to make a break for it? It never made sense that a barn door could stop a .50.

What do you guys think?

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It doesn’t make sense, but .50 can shoot through a tree too. Should those also be useless for cover?
But sure, I wouldn’t mind if wooden structures could be shot to pieces, so we need to run for other cover.


Yes, good point, trees (depending on size) should also have limited effect on bullet protection.

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one of the things that annoys me the most about this game is that the hunters with .50 cal’s on their shoulders can shoot you through walls and they are not the only ones who can either (including the thick concrete ones in the bunkers) would be nice if we could even the score. also most rounds go through wooden walls (unless you ask hollywood where rounds dont even go through wooden tables) and 5.56 and 7.62 will also go through brick walls (5.56 might take a few shots to get through but they do go through)

The bullet itself doesn’t go through walls in the game. It’s the splash-damage of this super high velocity effect of their shoulder mounted exp pvg that can hit you when taking cover.

Well, it’s heavy, but if it wasn’t, where would be the challenge?

The hunters are in general too slow to be a danger, except the ones with automatic rifles.

Apoc hunters may force you to leave the cover because of their explosive grenades. Gas grenades may force you to leave cover, too.
But the flechette gun (like exp 12g) and the flamethrower (since Landfall-Update) are no harm, no matter how close they are. The hunters with automatic rifles are downed easily, but may hit you some times when engaging them.

Therefore the only senseful danger are these snipers. I’m fine with them. But you have to keep on moving.

Like I said before:
If you see one, shoot off his pvg and move between each shot or if you see the targeting laser.

Hiding is (almost always) no option when in combat.

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Yes, this does annoy me.
I have also discovered the Railgun feature on the Exp. PVG-90 doesnt punch through the wooden door. I mean, seriously. This is an enhanced .50 cal sniper that can punch through a solid steel armour plate and then punch a hole in another one. (I’ve killed 2 tanks with one bullet before)

When I see a hunter doing this, I hide behind another hunter and force them to kill each other.

Hey this isnt the craziest thing Ive ever heard. Once a candle stopped a .50 from hitting me. Like seriously. Wax can stop a .50 cal. We should all just hide behind wax when they start shooting us

Well if all walls behaved like fences, where they were just obliterated after enough concentrated fire (or explosions)

I don’t say that I wouldn’t wish to have a feature to penetrate surfaces or objects.

Just keep in mind that this is not a feature that is easily implemented.

The devs would have to take every single object, element, surface, texture and would have to build rules for penetration, depending on the used weapon or ammo.

Keep also in mind, that for example the exp pvg is a weapon which was added after the release of the game, where the devs obviously didn’t think about penetration.

The same about destructible objects (like fences). They weren’t there in the beginning.

All that costs power. I don’t know if the game engine is capable of handling this.

I like the idea, but please stay serious.


I get its a game, and I love the game.
I just like a little bit of realism, if you know what I mean.


lmao no its not splash damage the rounds are getting through the walls, when i take cover to reload (not hiding) i make a point of crouching down in the middle of the room behind as much cover as i can and the round comes through and hits me (takes me down to less than 20 health) the same type of hunter with the blades on their arms will jump on roofs and hit you through the roof when crouching as well. im not sure which hunters youre talking about cos the ones i encounter move rapidly

i dont really want the ability to shoot through walls myself i just want the ability taken away from the enemies to make it fair. but i will say if the robots can shoot through walls it shouldnt be that hard to make it happen for us and the penetration could be coded to the rounds that go through walls not every item

please dont insult me and undermine my points by implying that im not serious

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I didn’t do that.

The problem in your case could be the hitboxes or the models of the machines themselves.

As you might have seen, you can hit them, if they stand too close to walls, too. If just a part of them is able to be seen through a wall, you can hit it.

Maybe vice versa they “are able” to stand close enough to a wall that their weapons are inside the building. So if the projectiles are fired they start inside the building / behind the wall / under a roof and therefore may hit you.

This really is a great problem of this game.
The devs should change somehow, that machines or objects can’t glitch into or through others objects.
Alternatively they could move the start of the projectiles more back towards the chambers of the gun instead of at the end of the barrel. But this could cause other problems (selfdestruction of firing machines).

Another option is that they are shooting through windows with splash damage hitting you.

And of course, if I got hit by a sniper, no matter where and how I got hit, it always takes me down to 9 hp.

Btw, my hunters move rapidly, too. But their targeting (except for automatic rifles) is too slow to be dangerous for me in most situations.

Believe me, it’s not as easy. There would be much work to do, to realize realistic bullet penetration depending on the type of bullet and the type of surfaces/objects.
That’s why I said ‘stay serious’ . Such a change would cost much time and would change the whole game a lot. We shouldn’t expect this to come for Generation Zero.

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Destructible environments are an enormous drain on development time, resources, and performance. No way is GZ ever getting destruction like that.

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nope again, they are fully outside the walls and the rounds are getting through, just like when im around a corner from them in a bunker and they get me through the concrete bunker walls (it seems that the round will go though anything the laser does). you should consider the posibility that im right instead of trying to correct me with assumptions.

and yes that is exactly what you did, why else would you be telling us to ‘be serious’

Have you ever written code for game ?

The .50 that the Hunter carries is a kind of concussion rifle. The splash damage will go through walls.

I always make a priority to take these guys out first, usually they are easy to recognise with the red laser beam, but it can be tricky sometimes as they like to hang back and fire from a distance to support Machines with other weaponry.

Is it unfair? Sure, a bit. But it’s not unreasonable.

Guys, chill. Be nice to eachother.

I’ll clean up this thread a bit and let’s agree to live and let live, okay?



Don’t listen to people like that. Great game but too bad it has these crash issues at times.
You guys will fix it, just need to give you time.

hopefully that will clear up any arguement (all 3 shots that hit me come through walls)

Since people can’t seem to get along, I’ll have to close this thread.
I’ll further the feedback to the devs though, see if the Hunter’s Sniper Rifle can be balanced a bit.



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