Short lifesign report

It’s been a while since I played GZ (and I still went back to the April 2020 version after a few hours so reproducing this might be a chore).

One significant difference to before is that my crashes have ceased. Where the game used to crash within minutes of gameplay, with no rhyme or reason, and without a recognizable cause, it now runs very stable.
I’d not bother mentioning this if there hadn’t been a change, but I swapped the GPU in my rig (from a Radeon 580 8GB to a Radeon 6700XT) and raised all settings to max. The old GPU was fine with all other games in my account and had no issues with productivity apps. To me it seems as if somehow Generation Zero might have instability issues with GCN architecture cards while working fine on RDNA2 GPUs. Sample size: 1 and all that jazz.