Shotgun reload issue?

Hi Guys . I have been playing this game for a few weeks now just want to know if i am being stupid or is there an issue with the reloading of the shotgun. It only reloads one bullet at a time unless i press the triangle again. Its very frustrating unless there is something i am missing here

Hi H3llion,

I guess you’re referring to the Sjöqvist. I used to have the same problem (on PC) wich was resolved with the recent update, though. One thing that did change with this very update as well and that seems to fit your description is that only one bullet gets loaded once you start running. In general reloading will be interupted when running. The Sjöqvist in particular reloads only a single bullet.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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If it’s the way Sunny describes, the AG5 (and AG4?) stops reloading entirely when starting to sprint. Even if it’s a bug, I think that is a good compromise, as in selecting if you want ammo in your gun, or not being able to sprint and get ammo in your back. :wink:

For the shotguns I’d actually wish it were a toggle/mechanic to load one at a time.
In the middle of a fight, even with reload skill maxed, I would prefer not to be stuck in pushing in 6 shells while slowly jogging around without any chance to abort the action/animation and blast the one shot you needed into the enemy.