Show the Home Base you've built (Tylöveden, Farmlands)

I see you went for big. Looks great.


Here’s 2nd iteration of my base, after learning from where machines come from and where they don’t.

Only change was that i moved the pillbox that previously covered the South side (where i didn’t expect getting almost any attacks and didn’t get any), to the West side, next to a gate, where most of the machines attacked from.

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Made the finishing touches to the base…

You fancy putting a route guide together @Aesyle for what direction they come?
(* lIke a pic with arrows )

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I can do that, or i can make a “Homeward Bound” challenge guide in the forums, since that challenge requires you to survive all three difficulty levels of base attack (easy, medium and hard).

Currently, i’ve completed easy and medium, with recorded gameplay videos. Today, i’ll try my hand on the hard and after success + topic creation, you all can see how i fared and what machines, from which direction they came. :slight_smile:


And the guide is ready: Guide: "Homeward Bound" challenge :slight_smile:


Today I added a third wall defence, after some hunters broke away a gate.


My base is pretty sturdy, I have plans to add one more wall once I get some more wood. At the time of it,s completion, over 1000 pieces of wood will have been used in its construction. The grenade launchers do most of the work during base defense. No enemy has ever been able to breach my first wall and make it inside.


The base is complete!

East Side Defenses

North Side Defenses

West Side Defenses

Shooting Range

Traps on the North Side

View of all 4 walls.

This base is really sturdy and no enemy has ever been able to breach the outer wall. The only way that my command center has ever been damaged was when a tank launched a mortar at me and missed.

The Grenade Launcher Defenses do a lot of the work and are really efficient overall. I have yet to test out the Spike Traps but I do not think I will be disappointed. This is a Generation Zero style Minas Tirith!


Just to clarify. Attack level of the base sides.

North: Extreme
South: Low
East: High
West: Moderate

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I like it, very impressive!!


Thank You,
like I said before, probably about One Thousand Wood was used in it’s construction, and I still have room for some more watch towers. I was just playing Base Defense on Medium ( my favorite ) and the Grenade Launchers are a huge help. The spike traps worked well too.
Great job on every part of the base mechanics. The only thing I can really pick at is the lighting. It can be tough with a big base but I have managed to light up key areas and the surrounding area with the floodlights. The floodlights are amazing, but the streetlights could put out more light.

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This is mine currently.

The 2 rings of walls and gates are all double-stacked back-to-back, providing a shooting floor, with ramps in the inner faces + external corners, plus staggered shooting areas and traps along each external face.

It’s got great sight lines, defence and mobility.


Kept it simple.

Four layers of wall providing two trenches to fire from besides the towers.

But now when I made the “Bringer of Bacon” award, I not sure how often I will play base defense.


I highly recommend that you both get the Base Defense Pack. The Grenade Launcher Turrets are AMAZING!

Nice bases both of you, I still have some wood left and you guys gave me the idea to double up my walls. I think I’ll try it on the outer layer.

I think that Flamethrowers are the only thing capable of damaging my base right now. I could literally go AFK during base defense.

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I do have the base building pack and have one grenade launcher facing the “most open area” where the tanks usually spawn in.

My experience is that I have to be very active during base defense (as it should be?). If I would leave everything to the turrets, the base would be totally in ruins and the mission would fail.

I’m playing mostly easy missions on adventure or skirmish. Playing medium missions even on adventure is a 1/3 chance to get my a** handed to me. Hunters with rail guns will one shoot a pillbox, so AFK is not an option!

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I have all 5 of my Grenade Launchers up and running.
I find Medium as my preferred difficulty.
Hard is pretty annoying with how many of the Prototype enemies spawn.
I usually play on Adventure.

I can go AFK during Base Defense. Even a Tank has never breached my walls. NOTHING has ever breached my walls.

Once I double up my walls, I should be pretty invincible. ( Except to the bane of players hiding in houses. The FLAMETHROWER )



Maybe that’s the point.
I always play on skirmish and had many situations where I had to rebuild my base at some edges because they came through the first line of walls. Almost all pillboxes/rocketlaunchers have been destroyed, even in easy missions.

My experience with the rocket launcher is, that it deals good damage but often misses its targets, especially the runners. And most of the damage at my base is made by rocketrunners.

Maybe I’ll take some pictures of my base today, before a build a new one.

P. S.: I really like the new base defense missions.


The rewards are the same no matter what difficulty you have the GAME set to, so I just make it easier on myself and set it to Adventure so my brother and I can go AFK.

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More shots