Show Weapon Mods attached to Weapon in Plundra


Each time I want to check my weapons in Plundra, I cannot see if:

  1. it has ammo attached to it
  2. I has (a) mod(s) attached to it.

This makes sorting inventory a bit hard, really, as Mods do no say they are equipped to a weapon.

As a matter of fact, why not have attached mods simply NOT show up in the Attachment stash in both Plundra and Inventory, so one does not mistakenly remove attached mods?


Yes this is something that is really needed, when I want to change attachments I have to remove most of them and also weapons, the more weapons and better gear you have, the worse the situation is.
Make it Visible or just don´t show any mods that are currently attached to other weapons stored in the Plundra.


Indeed, sir.
Remove these from the loose Mod list.


There is a way to tell which attachments are equipped to your stored weapons in Plundra but it is very subtle and almost undetectable.

So, how can you tell?
Well, if you add a weapon to Plundra, that has attachments on it, weapon and attachments are put at the bottom of the list and are next to each other. That can be seen only in ALL tab. See image below:

As seen, the 5* HP5 that i have in there has 3x 5* attachments equipped to it, mag, scope and compensator. Next in line is semi-auto shotty and on that, i have 5* choke.

Outside of the ALL tab, it’s next to impossible to tell if attachment is on the weapon or not. Only way is if you remember the attachment order in your Plundra.

With it, i agree that there should be better system in place where you can tell if attachment is equipped to the weapon or not. To solve this issue, there are two ways, where each has it’s pros and cons:

  1. New inventory way.
    In new inventory, and when looking on the left side (what you carry), each attachment has an icon next to it to show if it is equipped to the weapon (e.g my 5* 4-8x scope is attached to my 6* AG4) or isn’t equipped (e.g my 5* barrel extension isn’t currently equipped to my 6* AG4).
    I believe it is easy for devs to add the same icon on the Plundra as well.
  • Pros: Easy to tell if attachment is equipped to the weapon or not.
  • Cons: Impossible to tell to which weapon the attachment is equipped to.
  1. Old inventory way.
    In the old grid inventory, all weapon attachments disappeared from your inventory and from your Plundra as well if it was equipped to the weapon.
  • Pros: Clears up the inventory/plundra of equipped attachments.
  • Cons: Adds the hidden weight. Unless devs make it so that attachments on weapons doesn’t weigh anything (like it used to be).

I, personally, prefer the 2nd option, just like it was in the old days.