Side Missions...vacation photos


In the “log”, all side missions are completed but when I hover over places like Stenmyra, it shows 0/1 missions. Also, in the challenges section, it shows needing 1 more mission in Forest Region and 2 more in Mountains Region. Unable to complete for rewards.

Only thing I can figure is that I done everything in game with 2 characters and its not totaling for some reason.

Also have an issue with the vacation photos. Collectibles show all 20 but in challenges it says I need 5 more?? Unable to complete to get rewards due to this.

Ive reinstalled game but the only thing that seemed to help was with the safehouses disappearing

That truly helped? Did you start a new (safe) game, too?

I currently have an “issue” where the mission icon of the ringforts sidemission is shown until I move there ; then it disappears. (completed all missions long ago)

It did help with the safe houses disappearing but I’ve not noticed anything else being effected. I’ve not lost any safehouses since the reinstall

You might be softlocked, but are you sure you aren’t just missing some missions? Here’s an outdated list that’s missing a couple, but might still be helpful:

Some locations can have bugged stats like that after certain updates and area revamps.

That means you’re softlocked. There’s nothing you can do to fix it other than start the game over from the beginning and try again.

Unfortunately reinstalling won’t help these issues you’re having.

Thanks for the info! I checked my missions and side missions countless times and all were there and completed…until I checked about an hour ago…found the missing three. Maybe the update fixed something or I just continued to miss them each time I checked…either way they are now completed!:+1:

Really sucks about the photos though, not enough for me to start over though…speaking of which, how would I start over? Like deleting save data start over?

That’s the only way at the moment.

I think you can also start over by deleting all your characters. If not, then you would have to delete your save data, yes.

Hmmm yeah I don’t think I want the saxophone that badly :pensive:

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Ok so maybe, because of the game being so buggy, I may have found a bit of a work around. If anyone else tries this you do so at your own risk…

I deleted all characters EXCEPT my main character. By that I mean the one I use the most. Created a new character, went to Himfjall and searched only a few places. Most places did not have the photos but I did manage to find one here and there. After searching all I wanted to search, I deleted the “new” character I had made, restarted the game, made another new character and started over. As of now I’ve only 2 more to get so…hopefully this will continue.

Ok so its stopped working and joining in a random room that doesn’t have the collectible doesn’t work either…im only TWO away!! lol

Maybe after weekly reset it will work again, will post back up with the results in a few days.

Thanks to all for the info! Happy hunting!