Sidearms, Which to chose

I have picked up all sidearms at some point and am carrying a MöllerPP and a 44. Magnus. Was wondering about your choices and advice for sidearms

My personal opinion is that you only need one sidearm and I go with the .44 Magnus. If you are lucky enough you will find a gold magnus, a decent set of sights and a gold extension meaning you will have 17 in the clip but as I said, just my opinion.

I’m happy enough with a silenced 9mm as I tend to use the silenced MP5 for most pistol type duties.

Silenced because it annoys me less when in shooting in a house or base.

I don’t use my sidearm unless I’m short on ammo for my main weapons. I carry the glock as sidearm. Ammo is easy to find if I need it. Fast rate of fire and good capacity.

The gold Magnus can’t have an extended magazine since it’s a 6-shot revolver but other than that, it’s correct. The .44 works great as a mini-sniper rifle, so you don’t need to carry any of the hunting rifles. That is, unless you want to go all-out on the civilian arsenal :slight_smile:

I prefer a Moller PP, quicker than Klaucke and no recoil at all, I use it for everything at close range and short-mid-range. Shooting in rapid and joyful bursts. Good to finish a blocked harvester as well, with a very cheap ammo. Perfect for ticks.

I’m running a 5-crown Klaucke with a silencer. Part of it is habit (I’m a Glock fan IRL, and I easily pick a Glock over a Redhawk or a Walther PP in a situation like GZ), but part is also that I just find it easier to use. I can trivially two-shot isolated FNIX runners with it, and have an easier time dealing with ticks with it than I ever did when trying the Magnus. Accuracy isn’t bad as long as you’re not trying to pretend the thing is a Glock 18, and it’s also the only handgun with a guaranteed 5-crown version as a world pickup.

ahferroin7: The Magnus is also a guaranteed 5-crown world pickup.

Using a full 5* Magnus (silenced). The silencer is a bit odd though, if you’re not zoomed in it’s quiet but if you scope/zoom in it’s suddenly loud again (but only sometimes, it’s a bit unpredictable).

I wish the vision module was mounted on the other side of the 2-4x scope though because where it’s mounted on the left hand side really interfere’s with your vision unless you’re zoomed/scoped in. It would help If you pointed the gun down and away after a bit when you’re not in combat, that would be great.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that…