[sidequest] path of gods - backpack on diary


Can’t get the diary, because you put a lootable backpack on the book on the table in the living room.
Can you fix it Felix?? :wink:


Wow, that sounds weird. Could you post a screenshot of it?



Very strange. I haven’t seen that myself. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:


First time seeing a backpack over a key item, but I think that the table is a bit glitchy at the moment since I’m unable to pick up the diary.


You will discover at least 3 backpacks over key items ( as I can remember directly ) when you progress the story line, some will be especially tricky to pick up duo to the back pack


is it possible to pickup, even the backpack is still laying like this?

I tried all angles to get it, but there is no loot-sign.
Every day the quest-reminder tells me to search the house^^