Sight clipping issue

Platform: PC
As seen on the image my sight has this weird clipping issue where the right side of it doesn’t appear whenever I aim downsights. The last thing I did before the bug appeared was adjusting render distance. (I was in singleplayer)

I don’t know what exactly you mean with

Here an example from one of my screenshots.

It’s normal that you can’t see the surroundings.
In my case there are some options displayed because of the used vision module.
What I don’t understand is why there is this black something at the left side of your crosshair and why the rest around the scope is so bright.

Maybe it helps to tell which weapon and which type and class of scope you used.

Theres a setting that causes this issue. I cannot recall which one it was so i recommend messing around with the graphics settings, primarily the bottom ones, until it fixes.

did you try to remove the scope and then put it back on? I have had graphic glitches when sorting my pack that I am holding the companion pack no matter what weapon I am actually holding and have to quickly go into my inventory and scroll through my weapons real quick to get the proper gun graphics back. also have lost my RPG scope on several occations after getting dropped to the ground after taking a explosive hit. have to go into attachments and take off the scope and re-apply it to have it show correctly.