Sillavik, 0/1 missions missing

So I completed “to the lighthouse” side mission in the south coast region. But it’s still showing 1 mission. Is this thing bugged/glitches or am I missing something?? Thanks.


Hi, I have a same problem.
I have picked and done this mission, but on the map of Sillavik town it’s still showing 1 mission.
Please fix!

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I also encountered these issues displaying missions at the following locations:
Marshland - Stenmyra
Forest region - Granlugnet
South Coast - Sillavik and Fort Torsberga

Still not fixed by the June 23 patch.

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Same problem. 25/12/2022.

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still bugged on the 11/01/23

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I had sillaviken mission showing 0/1 for along time but visited Sillaviken yesterday and after that it said 1/1…

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Strange - at this moment it is still 0/1 at my game

Got stuck. Read a lot about it, but what is the actual situation?

No paper on the refrigerator, lighthouse nothing to find… :astonished:

No one? :astonished:

No missions or side missions left to do at the moment.

There is no mission called Sillavik mission. What is the mission’s real name?
And what steps if any did you complete? :coffee:

Edit: Top of the world mission, has a start with a note on the refrigerator in Ramberga (mountain region). There is no lighthouse involved in that one.

To the lighthouse mission, starts in Sillavik, but has a newspaper on the kitchen cupboard / refrigerator.

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Yes that’s my issue.

So what mission are you doing? :coffee:

It says there is a mission, but which one and where?

Read somewhere ‘in a house on a fridge’, but that’s not so clear to me.
(and not every house has a fridge…)
Also it’s location would be north of Sillavik, where the indication of finding a mission is.

To the Lighthouse

Location: South Coast Region
Mission Start: Sillavik (-3105, 3800)

One of the victims of the targeted assassinations was a Dr. Håkan Pettersson, medical doctor and surgeon at FOA 53. He lived at the house by the lighthouse at Hisingafyren, at the end of the Hisinganäset peninsula. There are maybe clues left there as to what happened.


:heavy_check_mark: Find Dr. Håkan Pettersson’s house
:heavy_check_mark: Destroy the machines patrolling around the house
:heavy_check_mark: Find clues and supplies in the house
:heavy_check_mark: Find a key to the locked room
:heavy_check_mark: Investigate the locked room

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I feel at my bones I’m gonna consult you (and the other Masters on this forum) a lot in the future :star_struck:

You need always first have the start of the mission triggered.

In general this can happen when you are near the mission-start location (proximity) or by interacting with something (a note, a recording, warboard, etc.). When the mission has correctly started you should get an mission-way-point directing you to the next step.

You can’t just go to Dr. Håkan’s house, if the game hasn’t directed you there via a mission-way-point. So always follow the objectives that the game gives you.

Succes! :coffee:

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Right! Just discovered that by now (…) there’s a side mission visible.

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What started the mission, I don’t remember? Proximity I guess…

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probably - I don’t always see the logic of activating things

It can also be that after you have taken the newspaper article from the kitchen, the mission icon appeared.

Did you finish the mission?

The lore in this mission is like a horror story. Many of FOA’s personnel who were working on the FNIX project were assassinated. Only Veronica Nilsson is missing.

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