Sillavik Mission

So I completed “to the lighthouse” side mission in the south coast region. But it’s still showing 1 mission. Is this thing bugged/glitches or am I missing something?? Thanks.

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Hi, I have a same problem.
I have picked and done this mission, but on the map of Sillavik town it’s still showing 1 mission.
Please fix!

Hello. My too.
Collectible 1/1
Misión 0/1

I also encountered these issues displaying missions at the following locations:
Marshland - Stenmyra
Forest region - Granlugnet
South Coast - Sillavik and Fort Torsberga

Still not fixed by the June 23 patch.

It only happens to me in Sillavik. But I haven’t figured out all the locations on the map. Still not repaired on PS4 version 1.30.