Silly question, but still.. high heels


So this may be stupid, but somehow it’s such an alien concept to me. Where I live high heels are a common piece of clothing for women, but I’ve never ever seen a woman on the street actually wearing socks with high heels, it’s either nylons or nothing. Now I’ve seen it on tv, but around here it seems to be extraordinary uncommon or even non-existent so I was wondering, is that actually a thing in Sweden?

Thing is I can totally see why the developers would do it even if it wasn’t, seeings as there were no open shoes before and you usually only create what you’re going to use. So when they decided to add high heels, if they wantedt them showing skin, they probably would have had to actually make that extra texture first, because there wasn’t one before, in every skin colour used by the character models. At this point they might have just looked at all the extra work for a single piece of clothing that not everyone will get and even less people will use and just said “f… it, let’s just have them wear socks”.

So to make it short… I know, too late… for our swedish friends here, is this something you actually see in Sweden or did they just want to avoid the extra work?

Edit: For anyone who’s confused and doesn’t know what I’m talking about, one piece of clothing you could find during the winter event were “Fancy high heels” in different colours with black socks.


Well… it’s autumn in late 80’s in Sweden. It’s cold and we are playing as Swedish teenagers :wink:

Some of the development team were teenagers back then so I think that they know the best what kind of apparel kids wore.

There are heels to be found, but they look like… :face_vomiting: (I don’t want to insult anyone, but the 3D model is terrible).


Well I lived through the 80s myself, but in Austria and not in Sweden and like I said, this wasn’t and still isn’t a thing here. So I wanted to know whether it was different in Sweden or whether that was just a decision to avoid unnecessary additional work.


Never lived in Sweden so cannot really answer but suspect you have hit the nail with the easier approach of adding socks… plus, it is cold so … helps avoid frostbite I would assume :grin:.