"Simulated ballistics" in GZ?

The bullet rise seems rather high too. I don’t know exact values for .243 or .270, but I seriously doubt that they creep up 5-10 centimeters from the point of aim like I’m regularly seeing at the typical ranges I’m using them.

Interestingly enough though, I’ve seen essentially zero bullet rise on the .50 BMG in game…

Depending on the caliber and range 10cm (roughly 3 in) is about right. M855 ball (5.56 NATO) has roughly that in my experience at around 25 yards. I don’t know what ranges you’re shooting at so I can’t truly judge. If it’s anything plus or minus I’d say 8 yards then yeah the games “ballistics” are fucked.

Typically 80-100m if I’m using the .243 or .270, and those are actually the only guns I’m seeing it on (I’ve used the AG 4 as a DMR a number of times at a similar range, and never saw any such issues with that, and I never have issues with the PVG 50). Probably feels so off to me because I’m used to using much heavier rounds IRL (I rarely ever shoot anything down at the gun range that’s smaller than 7.5mm caliber).

At those ranges, if you still have to hold low then I’d say the devs might need to take a look at the aim models on the weapons in this game cause that doesn’t seem right (a better idea would be to allow us to zero the weapons manually but I don’t know if the game could support that.) I haven’t messed around with the .243 or .270 much so I haven’t noticed problems. Guess I’ll try them and see.

I wrote something about that issue too.

The annoying part is it isn’t consistently super-high at that range, just averages out in my experience to about 5-10cm, possibly because of the somewhat poor accuracy of both guns.

BTW, if you want to test, look for at least a good gun, preferably exceptional. The lower the quality, the worse the accuracy, which makes it harder to test reliably.

Thanks for the tip. I have exceptional or better for all of them but they’re just sitting with my “suitcase characters”

What does that have to do with update?
I have killed a tank with a shot from 900m, it has nothing to do with the update.

The drawing distance of the game is about 400 metres…

Anything above that distance can not be seen by one player and possible hits are pure luck as they are blindshots…

So the question was if the last update changed that 400 m barrier. Which it didn’t…

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Though, saying that some of the longest kill tracking is World Record worthy.

Any advance on 2.74km kill?

I have mine at 3.40 km. But longest i’ve seen in the forums (with proof) is 7.01 km,
link: Hmmmm... Is this the longest? - #24 by Titan

The longest kill distance counters are bugged. They just have to be…

I’ve witnessed otherwise: Hmmmm... Is this the longest? - #15 by Aesyle

So what - it’s possible to combine the draw radius of players to get a legitimate shot over 400?

Depends on bullet travel distance - evidenced by CarlG’s projectile never reaching ground when shot straight up, even though being spotted falling down. But it should be enough to hit target across the region, which way more than single viewing distance.

The devs claim their ballistics simulation is super-realistic. I know that there is no powder propelled, shoulder-fired weapon in the world that can launch a projectile as far as 7 km. For a rifle, no more than 5-6 km max, given the right angle. But even if they did, what are the chances of hitting something at that range? Even with a couple thousand rounds fired in the same direction? …as good as none, IMHO.

The grenade launcher’s arc doesn’t seem very flat either…

Do you know if every machine on the map is “there” all the time? By that I mean every machine beyond 400 meters and all across the map?

I’m over 400. Don’t know the exact number. Would have to check.

I’ll also try for something over 700

Can anyone confirm if this is even possible? A true one shot kill of a Fnix tank (meaning no explosives or otherwise involved)? Never heard of it before. Maybe on adventure difficulty? :thinking:

Also regarding the discussion about distance and multiplayer, and what @Aesyle wrote about in another thread. So if the draw radius is around 400 meters around a player, and you’re in a multiplayer game where one player (player A in the screenshot) is ahead of the other and spotting an enemy (X on the screenshot), do you mean that player B can also actually see the enemy from his position?

Edit: On a side note, the Exp. PVG90 pierces by default, so shouldn’t FMJ ammo be more effective than AP for this weapon?

As far as i know, machines are there but they are not drawn until player gets 400m of them.

E.g, best evidence is Rivals, which are shown on the map.

No. Player B can’t see the machine outside of his 400m draw radius regardless.

However, if player B starts shooting towards the location of the machine, that player A sees; player B bullets will pass by player A. I have personally witnessed it in MP. And when hitting the machine, will damage/kill it as well.

Top-down view of that MP event, by using your method:

Green circle = 400m draw distance
Blue lines = 6* AG4 bullets that i saw whizzing past me

Since Ring (with pez) was about 850m away from me, our draw distances didn’t overlap, instead there was about 50m of non-draw space between us. But since Dark was about 450m away from me and slightly on the right side, our draw distances did overlap and Dark also bridged the cap between us. Also, Dark too did see the bullets from Ring.

What is unknown, is if player draw distances needs to be overlapped, for bullets to travel this far. Here, some further testing needs to be done, to get to the bottom of it.

I lean towards that there is no need for draw distance overlap. Since weapon firing sounds already travel very far and i can easily hear when someone is firing AG4 or 6* .50 cal, kilometers away from me.

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