Since January Patch, Single Player Rivals drop nothing of interest


Level 31 Player, only play single player, 295 hours played

Since the January patch came in, 80 percent of rivals are Hunter varieties, I have leveled at least 12 of them up to level 3 or 4, all I get from all of them is 1 stack of 44 magnum bullets, which I do not even use. " I have never seen them drop experimental weapons even before the patch "

I have leveled up around 8 Tank varieties to level 3 or 4, none have dropped any Experimental Weapons. The amount of useful stuff they drop is pretty bad, I even have the technician skill set to collect ticks, I make sure I do not destroy the tick container, and I am lucky to get 1 to 2 ticks per day, so they are not worth the inventory space and I end up dropping them for something more useful. some months back I used to have at least 3 or 4 stacks all the time which made them useful.

I have played at least 6 to 8 hours every day since the patch, and I am getting a bit sick of the grind now to try and get an experimental weapon I want. " not only is it way harder to get an experimental drop. you also need to factor in on the off chance one drops it may be one you already have "

I don’t want it easy, but I also don’t want to grind for 8 hours a day for weeks to maybe get one drop.

Before the January patch, I was only getting one every few days, so now the drop rate is ridiculous, for single players.


The january patch was a big fail in so many ways, and should be reverted.


I think it’s a rather welcome change that rivals don’t drop Exp. weapons 75% of the time from player level 1. That also got old pretty quick.


Yeah, but there’s a wide range between an experimental weapon and 17 buckshots.


I couldn’t even loot rivals before the update. First rival I killed after update gave me an experimental helmet. It’s something at least.


I can’t get an experimental weapon no matter what I do.