SINGLE PLAYER - Is it viable for the more Tactical Player?


Hello all.

My first post here. After seeing some of the trailers I got a scene of Dayz + Escape from Tarkov, both games I love. My main question is - Can this game be played in SP and still have an immersive enjoyable experience?

I know the game is based around 4 player coop. Will I be able to take on machines on my own with tactics and planning, or will it just a be a stand and empty my mag, wash rinse and repeat. Will the missions be interesting enough to keep us invested in the world and not just visit point A - kill robot B.

Can anybody let me know their thoughts on some of the aspects I have mentioned? Graphically it looks beautiful, just not sure it will keep me invested if I want to play on my own.

Thanks in advance.


Game can be played fully in SP or with friends, you’re not forced to do either.


That’s not what I meant. Will it be an empty mag, move to next location and repeat, will there be missions and objectives to keep the more tactical and immersive type of player invested in the world. Read my post again .


Can this game be played in SP and still have an immersive enjoyable experience? <- This was your main question which I answered that you can do it either in SP or MP since there will be no difference to the experience apart from you being Alone or with randoms/friends.


And as stated. Can you have the same experience in SP over 4 player. I don’t think you understand the main topic question. Thanks for responding anyway.


Read my previous answer, I literally clarified that there will be no difference for you in SP or MP apart from your having people with you or not.

The game stays the same, the difficulty is the same.


I think it will depend on your own personal mentality. If you enjoy playing chess then I believe the game will be just as immersive playing solo as it will be playing it in co-op. I always play games in solo & I enjoy the challenge of beating both the enemy & the game!


This is possible to play single player. It gets difficult though. You will have to use a lot of stealth and careful attacks to go solo. But it can be done.


I am playing solo, and yes you can play tactical. Using lure devices and gas tanks to setup traps. It can be very tense


You have to sneak a lot i guess… and the silencers are based on level comparing a gray one with a blue one is like going to a Motörhead concert, and then go into the woods an listening to ants.

A lot of people that play is in SP says it’s really hard and really sneaky, and a lot of fun.

I’ve only played co-op so far, and enjoy having at least one more person to blame for a failed setup/plan when it… well some places we actually ran for more then one hour without seeing a single bot(!) (4 safe houses unlocked on the way) and as many towns to loot.
Without anyone to talk to during that time if would’ve been a quite dull trip.

But the ones that play it only in SP swears by it, as in co-op you actually lose a bit of the real ‘tension’

So if your after stealthy and well planned attacks, and ready to run away if it goes bad, I guess it’s more then viable.


To answer your question, the missions may include killing a few bots, but when so there is usually a good bit of investigation or at least pathfinding beforehand. If you are familiar with how games like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series , then the storytelling and mission progressions seem similar to me. There are a lot of notes and story clues you pick up that really help flesh out the setting. I find that if you don’t read everything you find in a mission you won’t findustry the objectives, this game doesn’t hold your hand much.

You can actually roam a lot and not find robots at times, and fights are generally avoidable. I love playing in solo and coop. The main difference for me is fights are shorter and i don’t have to scavenge as much in coop.


I play solo exclusively, since my multiplayer mates aren’t doing this game.

Note that there are the same types and numbers of robots, whether there is one player or four players. The solo player must be very stealthy, and plan out any actions, and even plan routes and travel carefully. Resource management is crucial, as you will have 25% of what a four person team would have, so consider that before taking any actions. Avoid being surrounded out in the open–it’s very unpleasant, indeed.

I put my early skills into speed and stamina, because running away is often the best option, and some bots are very fast. You can snipe the beacons with a suppressed sniper rifle [takes several shots], and then derp out to a ‘safe house’ [some not so safe] without having to engage the protecting Runners, if you want to.

I have yet to be brought down by a Tank or Harvester, as I usually keep away from a gunfight with them, but I have destroyed them when absolutely necessary, with one exception. If have a good tactical position [church bell tower], you can bring down all enemies with just sniper rifles–including Tanks and Harvesters. I used all three sniper rifles to do that, just to see if I could. It did take awhile, and selective targeting of components, but it can be done. I did have plenty of ammo, but shot about 200 rounds.

You might be advised to wait for the patch [due this week] before starting a game, but that is your choice. The inventory system is a pathetic joke, and several missions are easily broken, or are broken already. The weapons ballistics are just silly, IMO.

The game has great potential, and I am still playing, regardless of my many frustrations, so I do like it a lot. However, it needs fixing in several crucial aspects. Good luck.


I only play SP. This game has an immense amount of freedom to it. It gives challenging missions in the sense that you’re not just chasing the blip in your compass. You will pick up a clue that you have to use to find locations that uncover events of specific people, military convoys ambushes. Safe house locations and all around lore to the game. I find myself fully immersed in the game trying to piece together what happened. I love that they treat the consumer as if they are skilled open world game players. But to answer you’re question it is for SP and that’s gown prefer it!


They need to fix the way xp is earned. Now you earn less for being sneaky and taking bots out without being detected when it should be the opposite.


Care to elaborate? Not trying to be a douche or anything, I’m genuinely curious since I find this aspect rather impressive.

On topic: Yes. I “only” have 40 hours in it so far and all of them solo, but I’m still having so much fun that I can’t bring myself to stop playing. What was supposed to be a quick session of horsing around to pass time last night ended 4 AM this morning… I’ve said it before and I’m sticking to it; the gameplay is very similar to that of Metal Gear Solid V. It’s all about the tactics if you play solo. You CAN go in guns blazing with just enough of a chance you might survive to make you want to fight when your carefully thought out plan goes belly up. Unlike MGS, however, enemies are free to roam in GZ which makes them unpredictable. To top it off, you cannot mark spotted enemies so you have to make a mental map of what kind of enemies and how many you are dealing with before you go into your targeted area.


I hope I’m not putting words in @uldskule’s mouth, but I believe he’s talking about the almost non-existent difference between some of the weapons in a class. The rifles are the best example. Here’s a direct quote from him over here.

I couldn’t agree with him more. The .50 BMG is a goddamn anti-material rifle. That frakker should rip off a T3 Hunter’s weapon arm with a single shot. Instead it does little more damage than the .243 Meusser.


After my earlier answer, I’ve been almost playing it exclusively in Single Player. After ditching my first char, I made a really sneaky one, that have gotten to level 30. The Single player is quite a bit harder, but a lot more immersive, and you always get to (at least try to) use your own playstyle… as long as it’s not mindless run-and-gun, (that as of now would work too of fully packed with adrenaline pack and explosives)

After comparing the co-op in all it’s ways… and single player in most it’s ways, I’d say that the best/most fun is, for me at least, is. a 2 player co-op, where you communicate, don’t rush in, plan and have the same approach to the game.
It actually serves the game quite well as there isn’t any direct communication to any humans, just messages and notes. Directions don’t really have any flashing way-points, and figuring a few things out cooperatively is a bit more fun than doing it alone.

But the answer is yes. Single Player is fully viable, and a lot of fun. /160 hours into the game, 40+ of those in single player. XP is quite a bit slower I guess, as the missions give the same XP as a single tank do, every time you fast travel back and one shot it after initial kill …


Yikes, that is silly. I wasn’t aware since I’ve yet to find the .50, but considering they can shoot straight through steel body panels and still obliterate a cast iron engine block, surely this must be a bug?


The. 50 works best on tanks I’ve found. I’ll put like 5 rounds into a tank and light it up with my AI-76 armour piercing rounds and that’s done the job. Best used engaging far away so when you get in CQB range they are pretty damaged. But I do agree the hunter takes a .50 round like a champ. Also have taken out a tank just using the .50 but I have no idea how many rounds it took.