SIREN HEAD as a Rival

Can we get the devs to see this add Siren Head to Generation Zero as easter egg rival and give it the title of “Mother of all Seekers” have the war siren playing in a fog environment and all of a sudden you see it and it calls all types of machines to the fight


No need to have a particular enemy but church organs should be able to alert half of them map. It worked before but not now. Even enemies close to the church seems ignore it.

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@xMstSpider yes, I’ve been playing since June this year and I’ve never understood how machines can ignore the church organs like that…

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I would expect a Rival Seeker to have a sonic weapon that not only alerts all other robots but causes damage to you and makes the screen all blurry for a few seconds while its sonic weapon is activated.


Instead of the organ, the church bell…
Makes a lot more noise that drags much farther.

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Yeah, I usually smack it with a brännboll bat or sledge hammer… something like this (first 5s):


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I just shoot it. XD
“You’ve got the high score”