Skill Point Tree - Why Cap at 31 level?

GZ Dev Team:

I have recently hit the “Max” skill point level barrier at 31. Why the limit? This prevents me from filling out the other trees. I think this is a miss for sure. Some other advice:

  • Take a look at the Borderlands Skill Tree scheme, specifically the older editions. You could progress through any “specialty” and go back and forth. You could then activate which “special” skill set you want or need at any time.

  • Please remove the cap on level or at least allow me to keep earning skill points and complete the other skills. This will allow for a fully rounded resistance fighter.

  • Please also allow me to switch between skill tree specialty or have them all active once completed. Either is fine really.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


I like that idea. The reason the devs originally put in the level cap (so I’ve heard) is because the game is meant for multi player missions. Thus, the level cap is to force players to even skills out between the 4 of them. If your idea was put in place, that would be cool because if we’re single player, we could simply change the skills that we were equipped.

At the very least there should be some kind of warning about the level cap when you start the game and in the tutorial section. The only reason I knew that 31 was the cap was because I was watching an unrelated GZ video and it was mentioned in passing. After that I started purposefully planning out all my skills with that cap in mind - if I hadn’t known I probably would’ve ended up with a messy half-finished build.

Something like “Hey, level 31 is the max level so keep that in mind when choosing skills” would be really helpful.

Or alternatively, let players respec one time after they hit 31.


Yeah, at least do that. I ended up with affordable mentioned half finished character because of this.