Skill points are lost/missed sometimes when a player gets on a next skill level

Platform: PC

Description: Sometimes a player goes up to a next skill level but doesn’t get a skill point (or gets but looses)

Steps To Reproduce: Happens accidently, it’s not clear how to reproduce. Last time happened on 07.Feb.2024

Images / Videos:

** Saving files: - Google Drive**

Host or Client: Single Player

Players in your game: Single Player

Specifications: i9-9900K, 32 GB RAM, MB Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super (nVidia Driver 551.23), Windows 10 Pro 1909, Game resolution: 2560x1440

First at all: you can get a total of 31 skill points.
For every character level above 31 you just get 5 uranium.

In your case there are indeed just 30 skill points at a character level of 33.

Did you ever use any mods?

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Thanks for the information, I didn’t know about it. But why didn’t I get the 31th skill point?
I use only official DLCs:
Google Photos
No any other mods.

Reviewed my old savings. Probably 30 skill points is the maximum.
A player gets the last 30th point when reaches 31th level.

There is no bug here in this case.

You can use 5 uranium to pick skills again, all at once. It takes a while to test different skill set combos to taylor a set that best matches how you want to play. You can get noticeable differences with the right combos and now with the mods the weapons can go through, can make playing interesting again.

Now if only the machines would improve. Maybe we need a thread on that./

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I just counted them on a screenshot I took of the skills of one of my characters recently… 30. Or did I count wrong?

Edit: I was confused, I thought “Vorhut” (vanguard) was the active specialization, but it’s “Scharfschütze” (Sniper).

Edit2: @Zesiir
finally, no skillpoints are missing for anyone, the report is answered and the topic could be closed in my opinion.

Glad to hear things were resolved. Closing report.