Skill tree locked after 31

Would love if they would remove the skill tree lock after 31 , playing on console and would love to have the ability to unlock all the skill trees

There’s a skill revamp in the works. Let’s see where that leads first. :+1:

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i have a feeling that you will not be able to unlock all the skills as this would probably be a game balancing thing.

I did share your opinion once uppon a time, but i realized that this cheeses the game in such a way that it removes a big part of the fun, a bit like cheating if you will.

For a game to be fun, it has to be hard enough to be rewarding, flying a F16 in a WW1/WW2 game would only be fun for a few minutes.

One reason is that in earlier days the character level was also locked to 31.
It’s a game design descition.

They unlocked the character level (or better: set the max lvl to 10.000), Idk anymore exactly when, during this year or so.

For more skillpoints we need more skills to still being able to specialize our character but also being forced to take descitions. Well, finally it’s not a descition til forever anymore, as they also introduced the ability to recap the skillpoints.

But, like @ameinild said, let’s wait what’s coming with the announced skill revamp. Sadly they just moved it to next year without telling when we may expect it to come.

I think that adding option to get all skill would be nice addition.
Problem with breaking the balance kinda goes out of the window if you play on easy mode anyway.
Or if possible then keep the limit the way it is but add option to lvl "Prestige " kind of skills that upgrade % damage/resistance etc.