Skills do just the opposite

I play PC with the newest Version.
See screenshot.
If I unlock the points “guerrilla veteran” and “thirst for knowledge” in the skills, I get the opposite deducted in points. So e.g. antenna destruction is usually 1000 points. At level 1 I only get 500 points for destruction (-50% instead of + 50%). For a small tick you usually get 10 points. I get 8 points. (-20% instead of + 20%). So both skills do exactly the opposite.
Maybe the same thing happens with the other skills. But I can’t prove it.

I would advise you not to improve your gathering or mining skills. and lighthouses give a different amount of experience always, in my opinion. from 500 to 1500

Some clarifications:

  1. Veteran Guerilla skill (3rd skill in right Support tree) works only when you have Enemy Marking skill (3rd skill in left Support tree) and you have marked enemy machine (red outline appears around the machine).
    It doesn’t give you extra +20% XP for just unlocking that skill.
Example screenshot of Marked machine

  1. Inquisitive Mind skill (2nd skill in left Tech tree) gives you more XP only from mission completion.
    For example: if you complete any side mission, by default, you get 1000 XP. If you have Inquisitive Mind skill at level 1, you’ll get 1500 XP instead. And if you have Inquisitive Mind skill at level 2, you’ll get 2000 XP for side mission completion.

  2. Relay Beacons give different amount of XP based on where they are located and who are guarding them. Some initial ones that you come across give only 500 XP, while most give 1000 XP and there are some which give 1500 XP as well.

So, there is nothing wrong on how those two skills work.


Wow, thank you very much.

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