Skills not active

Beeing level 30 , it seems i’m only getting skillpoints by leveling up each time , but shouldn’t I also get skillpoints by doing challenges ?
And another thing is every game I play when I open tab Skills on bottom left under Active specialties it always says No active skills. Is this a bug in the game how do I get the skills active ?

By doing Challenges, you’ll get Prestige points. At current time, there is no use for Prestige points, other than bragging but devs are planning to give Prestige points an use as well.

Hope they don’t do anything with Prestige points. One simple reason, very very bad game design to force players to collect things or do challenges to gain them.

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Doing challenges is optional. Also, do you think that players (you) should be getting something for nothing? :thinking:

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This off topic already.
No, i am always risk vs. reward player. But doing hide & seek around map, is like searching needle in a haystack.
And basically that is getting stuff free, to search until you die to boredom.
Other choise is kill X amount or/and with Z, Y things to get Prestige point.

There are players who enjoy these types of tasks, and then the other side who don’t.

don’t mind about the prestige points that much , just that i cannot activate any skills , like the lockpins , so I cannot open any doors that say locked

What exactly do you mean by “activate” ? Lockpicking e.g. is activated right when you spent the point in it. But of course you need one of those lockpicks for every (locked) door, too…