Skills Progress Frozen - Does not add any additional points


**Description:**Skills score frozen after completing Level 31 and Purchasing the Inqusitive Mind Level 1
Skill Score jumped to 548874 and is stuck there.
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Players in your game: Single Player

**Specifications:**Windows 10, 24gig memory, AMD Ryzen 7 series, Geforce GTX 1660Ti

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It is not a mistake, it is the characteristic of the game, having reached level 31 there is no progress.

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As said above, lvl31 is current level cap and you won’t gain any more XP anymore.

In GZ, there are 48 skills but you only have 30 skill points. Idea is to plan your build. And for testing out other builds with different skills, you can create up to 4x characters.

Thank you,
That makes more sense now that I know how it works!