Skvadern bunker bug, none of the solutions here fix

I’m at the step of the Skvadern bunker where you need to turn on the back up generator, previously I left this location because my friends and I wandered around for an hour and a half and couldn’t progress. I’ve been down to the main generator room with the broken switch, there’s nothing down there I can pick up and my mission only lists the three bunker codes as related quest items. I’ve followed a guide up to the backup and can’t interact with the switches on the wall that were shown in the guide, and there’s no way of progressing at all.

I have had many game resets since we first got to this bunker, so the solution of restarting to make quest items respawn isn’t working. I can’t think of anything to fix this, but I could see how, maybe, a multiplayer partner picking up the quest item may have soft locked my own game by marking it as collected, but not for me personally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is one of the last two bunkers I need to clear.