Skyfire Update - Patch Notes

i have the long distance trophy already, I just noticed that people use to talk about having trouble with the long distance trophy because of the seeing robots from long distance, & noticed that long distance visibility seems to be back, for the people that need trophy, if it works at all :disappointed: because another glitch with the distance numbers seems to be happening

2.01 km, where ever I put the marker :face_with_monocle: but maybe the long distance trophy will still work, I don’t know

The distances shown on the map are totally borked since the last update, you can’t rely on them anymore… :confounded:

with each update, there seems to be new hiccups when fixing one hiccup it creates another hiccup, :face_with_monocle:, when the newest update comes out & hiccups fixed, also creating another hiccup, :neutral_face: , however, some hiccups don’t bother me much & still able to enjoy the game

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Its been that way since ever, but we are lucky that for 95% of us there havent been major gamebreaking bugs since 2022, however its always a good idea to save to an external device before a new update…

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I play on xbox s I have the same issues plus I cant get my compagnon out of storage

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what would be the best place for the Spentaz Firebird to spawn, does the kind of firebird matter for higher points, im assuming the Spentaz Firebird drops more points, North Coast Region or Marshlands Region, any thoughts on what is the best Region for Spentaz spawn

I’m going try something in North Coast Region, I’m gonna go after all the big robots leaving ONLY Spentaz firebird’s, walking up a down the road, thus giving me only Spentaz Firebird rivals to spawn, destroying only ALL tanks harvesters & hunters with spawn chances, since solviet data will be harder to come by

Yeah, these both are best. Marshlands maybe even more. Yes, they should give you more points, but I don’t know how much.

An apoc tank rival lvl 4 had 149 FNIX Codes for me.
I guess it should be about the same from a lvl4 Speznaz firebird rival.

I downed a level 4 Spetnatz Firebird rival last night which gave me 138 Soviet data points, so it would be about the same.

Definitely North Coast. But try the north west corner of the Marshlands near Borgakulan safe house. My game has quite a few loitering around there.

Yes, it’s located in the Marshland region. Landing Zone: Boris. Inside the Hovercraft.

Turrets keep firing even when shot off.
Edit: moved this report to Support & Bugs

I didn’t have that in base assaults yet.

Was not in base assault. It was in a FNIX structure that, I think, belongs to a procedural mission, but is always on the map. I past there and it started firing.

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I know, but your post here just was about “turrets”, so I added my post.

Btw I feel the same about this base.

Hey. A short feedback on the safehouse bug.
Since skyfire update I unlocked some safehouses again with my primary character in my primary world and they didn’t get lost again until now.

I’ll keep you informed if it Happens again.

From X:

Greetings, Survivors!
We've just released another small hotfix to remove an instance of placeholder text being shown in base defense and Augmentations being removed from weapons.
While this is the second hotfix on Steam, consoles are getting a single patch with all changes!

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) July 11, 2024

Has anything actually changed or its just a small fix as they say it is?

I’m just downloading the update and will play for about an hour when it’s done.
I didn’t notice any issues recently (except some rare lags and not working weapons of apoc tanks and Hunters), but maybe just because I didn’t use everything and just played as usual. So I don’t expect to see anything different.

Maybe I’ll take a look at some reported issues.