Skype crashing the game

when I am called on Skype the game crash, same if am in the game and on skype and they log them selves off Skype game crashes.
does send a error message but it comes up failed.

Probably every single one game developer will have the same solution to your problem - shut down all unnecessary apps running in the background.

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Does this issue only occur while playing GenZero or does this afflict other games/apps too?

I somewhat disagree with 0L0, i believe its in every developers interest to produce robust code that doesnt crash if the cat sneezes, but these kinds of issues can be very hard to pinpoint.
It may be skypes fault, it may be GenZero´s fault, but it could be microsofts fault too…
And not to forget that it may be user error, misconfigured software and so on.

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It the only game that crashes with skype calling or disconnecting from a person calling ?.
and I have Skype on all the time when playing other game, Steam, Epic, Ubisoft, Left 4 dead, world war z, World of war ship, Earth fall, just to name a few, never had a crash with them

Do you play in fullscreen mode or borderless window mode?