Slug ammo for 6-star shotgun

I have noticed a consistent problem when firing slug ammo (ordinary or special ammo) where, when using a 6-star pump-action shotgun, the slugs will detonate immediately after firing, causing them to travel less distance than even the pellet rounds. Please fix this, as it ruins the point of slug ammo. I have not tested this with the 6-star semi-automatic shotgun, but if it shares the unique perk of the pump-action, the problem will likely persist there too.

Read the describtion of this exp weapon. Its change the bullets into flechette spikes.

This is not a bug, This is an intended feature of the experimental pump where before melee weapons existed it was supposed to be a sort of melee weapon. Though I would like the change to be reversed since we have melee weapons now, but it’s not a bug.
Also the semi auto shotgun does not have a 6 star version.


Just dont use it, birdshot is the only you should use with the experimental shotgun.

*You can use all the 3 types of shells with the 2 other shotguns.


The buck shot is good for hunters and tanks. The birdshot in my opinion is really only good for runners and smaller.

As a few of the replies on here have stated, yes there is a major difference in how the ammo operates with the experimental shotgun, and no this is not a bug. Basically if you reverse what you know about the regular shotgun rounds, that’s the key.

Birdshot has the least damage, but the farthest range
Buckshot is the half way between with a moderate damage increase, but the range is shorter
Slug rounds have great damage, but the require the target to be within a meter to really see any effect.

The shotgun can also use the experimental ammo, but as they are all slugs, the range of effect is pretty close quarters.

This is why the Exp shotgun is mostly viewed as the lowest value of all the experimental weapons, and only used by eccentric players who want something very different than the average player.

As things stand currently, in my opinion the rest of the Experimental weapons all have solid use in combat.

  • The Experimental PVG over penetrates targets so you can not only get multiple hits on the same machine if you have the shot lined up to do so, you can also hit multiple enemies.
  • The Experimental AG4 by itself isn’t the best, but if you combine it with the 7.62 shock ammo, it is devastating.
  • The Experimental KVM59 LMG is already pretty mean to use with regular AP or FMJ rounds, but again if you combine it with either of the experimental ammo types, it really packs a nasty punch.
  • The Experimental Kpist SMG has an overdrive feature that drastically increases the fire rate, and if you combine it with a gold magazine attachment and the explosive experimental ammo. Whoa, it is a beast.
  • The Experimental Sledgehammer has a devastating blast that can be used after charging the hammer with a couple of kills.
  • The Experimental Klauck has a small change with each round fired to EMP the machine for a second or two, and helps you to control the battlefield. Add in some 9mm pistol experimental shock rounds and you can go toe to toe with most bots.
  • The Experimental M49 launcher fires two rounds in a burst, this works really well for assaulting FNIX bases, it makes for an excellent breach tool for the walls. It works decently in combat, too, but the rounds can be inaccurate on small targets or long range engagements.

Basically the point is, if you have nothing else, it can still be better than a gold pump shotgun.


Well said. Just want to add though that the Experimental Klauck only has a chance to emit an EMP pulse if you’re hitting components, and if you’re using the Experimental M49 and firing EMP/Smoke, it’s a waste of a rocket as the launcher doesn’t double the effects.

I actually didn’t notice that with the pistol, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. I usually empty the 25 round mag as fast as my evil trigger finger will allow, so that tidbit had gone over my head before now. Thanks for that. As far as the EMP rounds, I can see what you’re saying, however if you were trying to hit something like a firebird at range, it could actually be useful because it would slightly increase your odds of hitting by firing two rounds that are going in slightly different directions due to the recoil. As to the use of smoke rounds, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never used smoke as it tends to go counter to how I fight. Yes, I know it could potentially improve my survival chance, but with the response time on the older xbox one systems, it’s just not worth it for me to use. That’s not to say that it’s a useless round, it just didn’t survive the risk/reward calculation for my play style is all.

Well, you’re not about the Firebirds, I suppose it would be helpful, but they’re so hard to hit with the rockets regardless. Personally, I prefer to use the 5 Crown M49 because most enemies are on the ground, and in the long run it’d be a waste of EMP rounds. Regarding Smoke rounds, I completely agree. I very rarely use them, usually only if I happen to have them on me, want to blind a distant Tank/Harvester, or am trying to escape.

Oh, I 100% agree, it’s what I use too. Plus it’s just satisfying reloading each individual round as you pound the FNIX base back into the dust it rose from. Personally I just stick to the regular HEDP rounds. I’ve tried the two experimental HEDP as well as the EMP and smoke rounds and found them wanting. I’m a simple man, so I stick to simple methods.

Hit it hard, hit it fast, and all the with the end goal that when FNIX thinks of possible worst case scenarios, it always ends with my grinning face looking into it’s camera eye as I put it down.

Purge the robots, blood for the blood god!

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