Small additions for a more immersive experience

Wanted to put together a room in regards to tiny changes or additions that would make a big difference in immersing you into the world of generation zero
Small things along the lines of being able to see your legs by looking down )think destiny) adding water ripple effects when you walk through water or footprints in sand or mud
Small changes like those

That’s not a bad idea, they could also make ice slippery, and rain droplets on your gear.

It has been asked before, topic: Backpacks, bags, and pouches; visible 1st Person Body, Expand Camera Freedom

About that.

One member of our community worded it well, what the immersion actually is:

With that being cleared, it’s not what is or is not in the game, that makes people feel immersed, but instead people’s own choice of becoming immersed.

As soon as i launch the game and hear the awesome main menu theme, i’m becoming immersed to the GZ’s universe. :relaxed: Entering the world and seeing myself through my char’s eyes completes my immersion into GZ.

For me, it isn’t about the things to do or POIs to see that makes me “more immersed” or the lack of something which would “brake my immersion”. As long as i am in the GZ, i am immersed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Way back then (launch day) there wasn’t much in the world in terms of interesting POIs to see or stuff do to. And at times, world was completely empty of machines as well. Standing in the middle of nowhere, next to nothing, in a godforsaken place, without any soul or movement as far as eye can see, i still feel that i am really there (immersed).
Now, there are more in it: stuff to do (challenges + rivals + base building) and more to see (Himfjäll + more POIs at Archipelago, South Coast, Farmlands and Forest) but they are there to provide more entertainment.

Of course, no virtual world is as good as real life is and there are always aspects from which one can distinguish virtual world from real world. Even VR with a headset doesn’t fool people since in the end of the day, people still know it isn’t real. So far, dreams (when sleeping) are closest to reality since sometimes, people can’t tell a difference at all if it is a dream or reality.

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I dreamed I played Generation Zero: 2 this night. It was VR and began with trying to land an helicopter that had been shot down in a town the size of Umeå. It didn’t have prompts at all on where to go and I was playing with three others - they had never played before so I was their guide since they didn’t want to go in alone for the first time.

Taking away the quest markers etc wouldn’t be addition but subtraction, I know. But it would make it feel more real. Or maybe if there were an in game explanation for them like in Zelda:Botw where you have the Sheika slate, or in Fallout the Pip-boy.