Backpacks, bags, and pouches; visible 1st Person Body, Expand Camera Freedom

There should be pouches that you can sling on your hips, legs, maybe a pouch slung up around your shoulder too and a backpack you can wear with these pouches. This would be really helpful and to see the pouches and giant backpack just buffs the dynamic atmosphere and immersion—it would add to immersion and more importantly it’d let players carry more stuff. A first person body would also be nice, once in a while I look down to see my head and arms floating body-less. And MOST importantly I think camera movement separate to your gun is essential, what I’m talking about is the ability to point your gun in a given direction but be able to look in another direction at the same time, this could be achieved by assigning a key to move your camera around freely without moving your gun, for example we could have an sniper rifle zoned in on a harvester but we hear a sound behind us so we zoom out and rather then turn around losing the harvester in our sights we could hold down a key/button and just move or head left and right to see what the noise was without moving our whole body and still have our gun on the harvester we were zoned in on before. Expanding the freedom on the camera just adds a lot of immersion and is very applicable in a lot of scenarios during gameplay; it’s easy to implement and is game changing.

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