Small animals in forests

The world is almost empty, but very beautifull.

Think rabits, dogs, wolfs, fox… Small animals don’t interest robots and don’t conflict with lore…

Just see real history… Without people in real Chernobyl too much wild life…

In thehunter game was very nice animals…

Maybe developers remind too add small animals and we can kill it for cooking health)) maybe


I second this too, will make the map come alive.

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I have the same wish. It would be nice to see couple of roe deer once in a while, or see a fox sneaking around or maybe some stray cats. :slight_smile: It would make the world feel more immersive.


I have seen a youtube video somewhere with one of the developpers.
He answered online questions while a second person was playing the game as a demo
to show the public. Someone asked the same question there and I believe the answer was:
“We don’t have animals in the game at the moment, possibly in the future” or something like that.
So possibly they are working on that. (I don’t believe they are for hunting thow if they get added, just to make the world feel more alive, wich is fine by me.)

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Here is the video, just found it: Somewhere at minute 8 or 9 within the video.

One more vote for putting some wild life into the game, would love it. :+1:

Don’t know how hard it is to implement but these wild life npc’s would need their own a.i. and I imagine it can be a lot of hard and lengthy work to get both wild life a.i. and robot a.i. to work at the same time so I would not hold my breath for seeing this soon, the team got lots of things with higher priority.

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That would be great!


Game needs to have wildlife

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Would be cool to have robots tracking deer or predator animals attacking robots…and the players. Not really sure what wildlife Sweden has? Fishing for food/health boost would be cool. Using Animal parts in general for clothing/gear/weapons…and as someone stated…more enemy variety…like flying drones…stationary turrets…aquatic robots, etc…

I’d definitely like to see more wildlife & the ability to hunt & fish in this game.

could be pretty terrifying at the beginning of the game to see a giant tank sprint across a field to annihilate a rabbit or something lmao

Nice Necro. I want my huntable animals.

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Without animals people cannot eat meat. Maybe have a hunting grounds or wildlife area with no robots.