Small circle tracking pointer : what's this?

Hi, I have a beginner’s question. From time to time a small bright circle indicator appears in my game and points to some place in the world. I followed it once, leading to a manor I had already visited, but no mission was apparently related. Then it disappeared, but now I can see another one. What is this???

If you mean the circle indicator that turns yellow, that’s the enemy indicator. It starts out empty, but fills up with white when an enemy is near and is about to spot you. Once it turns yellow, they know you’re there.

Otherwise, can you post a screenshot?

No, no, a pointer similar to to a safehouse direction, to a user “1” waypoint or like a mission direction diamond pointer . You see it left to the weapon, a small white circle.

That’s a pointer for a specific quest object like a switch, paperwork or radio etc

Thanks for answering. You mean an object attached to my currently highlighted quest?

It can be an interactable item or pertinent location (doorway etc) for any active quest on your log I think

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I had the same issue.
You targeted a switch or a door, before you fasttravel.
You must travel back to the switch and target it again.
or maybe use it - it will be shown since you reconnect