Small Gamemechanic changes with Big impact + Forum idea


I’m playing on PS4 and I’m not a native English speaker, but I hope you get my points

  • Less Boxes but more filled Lootboxes / Placing

(Sometimes its feeling like a LOOT SIMULATOR. I just run 2 Hours straight through every Building to loot a little Ammo. And it’s not realistic that everyone have two bullets in his home. Ammunition should be in bigger boxes in a Farm, in Trucks, but not in the Childsroom. But in a Childsroom you should find clothes etc. It’s really annoying to look in every building for 5 Lootboxes)

  • Inventory needs complete Redesign ( in the mechanics)

(When I have medikits in the shortinventar, and grab a new, it’s not stacked in shortinventory. Only in the normal Inventory)

  • One Button Looting

( when I press “Grab All” and my inventory is empty enough, it should grab everything and close the Lootbox, but when my inventory is filled, it should grab all I can (what’s beeing stacked etc) and the lootbox should stay open to change items) it’s Annoying to try out every item, if it fits in the inventory. You don’t have a marker which items you all ready have or similar. It should grab everything what can stacked up and give me the option for the other things what I can grab. Also there should be a button to Grab the things. But selecting the grab button after you tried out every Item and select this what you can hold is really timecatching)

  • more endurance.

( the Map is big, and you have no car / motorcycle or a bicycle) so the endurance should be longer than felt 10 Seconds.

  • Reduce Open door Angle

( the doors are sometimes really annoying, in the second floor of the buildings you block easily yourself with the Doors. And in Console it’s hard to close the door when under pressure, because you need to tap the Doorhandle, but it’s to far away to close the door when rush inside. You need to go through the door, tap the handle and run (often with jumping, Cause the halflanding is to high to walk) in the building.)

  • Mark items as Seen

( my Inventory is always filled up. So when there is a Radio or a item on a table which I don’t need, i can not select it as „seen“ so that the progresscounter gets higher) you look for loot what you already have seen, but not wanted.

  • Sporn to the Walkie talkies should be possible ( and Counter on the Walkie Talkie)

( if you die, you Could sporn at every safehouse but then you need to fasttravel to your walkie talkie again. It’s an extra Step what steals time but don’t have any reasons. Also you should see on the Map how often you can Use the walkie Talkie)

  • the RPG should be more powerful in contrast to the Gas Bottles

  • Overview of all attachments on the weapons.

( its a pain to update your weapons, because you don’t see on a single page the weapons and their attachments ( with Classes). If you choose a weapon you should see an the grey weapon information a shortname and the quality of the attachment.)

  • Forum Vote Funktion
    ( please make a Administrator Bord where you collect the new requests and then let the people vote or downvote the Wish Features)

And Please: Dont make the Game to much Roleplay, don’t hear on requests that want Food or Faming in the Game or Riding Robots … (but Riding a bicycle would have charm)


For binoculars, though there are two ‘pipes’ you look through, putting 2 modules on each ‘pipe’ does not make it about to use 2 different vision modes, thats not how binoculars work, anyway further in the game you get modules with 2 even 3 modes.


Thanks for the response. I’ll delete that part, so only the important suggestions are in my Topic. But technically you can use booth pipes for different sensors, but only with one eye :smiley:


Also ad how much ammo is in the gun from inventory would be helpful instead of having to remove it to see them reload it


Then, you have a pair of monnoculars instead of binoculars and you would lose some functionality of stereo vision that binoculars provide. Besides, a big pair of legit binoculars are not light…now you’re going to effectively stack two or three 20oz soda cans on the front?? C’mon man, the modules aren’t even that effective except for the heat sensor. The IR has no adjustability and the radar’s range is super duper short so it isen’t even useful.


Sry i dont understand what you mean (like I said, no native speaker here).

Did I get you right, that there should be Counter, which shows a bulletcount in the inventory how many are loaded? So that you can see the „empty“ weapons?


You are Right :slight_smile:
I deleted that part with the binoculars from my wishlist.