Small yet annoying issue with motorbikes: noise

…And I don’t mean in the sense of attracting enemies, I mean in the sense of being VERY LOUD AND ANNOYING to the player, specially when running downhill or on a good paved straight line, when we hit max speed very fast and keep it that way for minutes.

Going into more detail, the current sound design of motorbikes seems to be accounting for gear shifting and then at top speed they hit the “rev limiter”, at which point some smoother engines would make a constant noise, while more aggressive engines would do that annoying “pop-pop-pop-pop” and sound like a swarm of angry bees. Both approaches are realistic, they just depend on what engine you’re portraying (and whether you want to go for realism or comfort).

…In a game where you might be traversing kilometers of forests, plains and marshlands for many minutes or hours, the latter kind of engine is less than desirable, and yet it’s exactly what we got. Worse, our motorbikes seem to only count 3 or 4 gears before redlining, and they do so CONSTANTLY. The problem isn’t merely realism, but that it’s just incredibly annoying. Using a motorbike over a bicycle shouldn’t have “ear damage to the player” as one of the choice criteria.

So… as a solution, please make the bike sounds have more gears (so they’re less likely to hit the “constant droning noise” part of its sound profile) and redline at a smoother sound? It would make riding the bikes, specially the DLC ones, so much more pleasant.

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