Smoke grenades, let's talk about it

I have time to time used or checked if these smoke grenades are any use. Smoke rockets already deemed useless pretty much after first tried them, year ago.

Smoke grenades have kept their usefulness, limited kind. Chuck multiple between you and machines they might works sometimes.

But now after couple updates, and one before that where machines started to shoot trough walls, etc. It got somewhat fixed. But still enemies tracks you trough walls and pretty much concussion rifle hunters still shoot you trough wall.

So tried to hide myself inside smoke cloud, deployed multiple smoke grenades inside house. Multiple rooms. No effect.
Tried to create smoke barrier between me and machines. No effect.
Its like the smoke is not there any more, just visual buff.

Anyone else have any luck with these after latest patches? Any ideas how to use them, or are they totally useless now?

Smoke grenades work really well, I use them every day against big machines. I have used them for over a year and I will never give up on their use.

Tell me your secret, where you throw the smoke grenade?

Hey, I always throw smoke grenade in front of me, pretty close. I wait moment to smoke enough and shoot through the smoke using Thermal module and I stand behind the smoke. The smoke from the smoke grenade must obscure the visibility, eg to the Tank. If you do not see the machine, the machine will not see you. Usually I shoot 10-12 times with sniper rifle and throw new smoke grenade.

I have used them to escape combat on occasion. Bombard the area with smoke, then sneak away.
It works pretty well.

I have had more success using decoys, flares and fireworks to escape nasty situations.

Have you tried smoke when you just fight runners and hunters?

Like bad situation like this, trying to cover warehouse entrances with smoke wont help me.
I just get BBQ:ed by flamethrowers and constant bombardment of mortars.

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What are decoys in Gz?

EDIT: Oh, you mean radios, etc. Duh.

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does the Grenade Launcher smoke round work the same way, I usually shoot the enemy with it, but the enemy still has good aim and still sees me, I’ve decided to try out a few weapons in my plundru I normally don’t use, I’m tired of using the experimental pvg-90 all the time

Although this topic is three years old, I think it’s ok to revive it just for a “short” explanation on smoke grenades.

"The hand smoke grenades or grenade launchers are useful mainly to approach large enemies such as tanks, even as an escape method, but this ability is disabled if the enemy has Infrared or X-ray optics.

To properly use smoke as a strategy, the first thing to do is to destroy the tank’s optics with a sniper. Once destroyed, throwing smoke makes the character become “invisible” and leaving the enemy with the last position the player had, this allows the player to use their weapon with Infrared optics to attack through smoke, or even get close enough to plant traps (gas tanks, etc.) around the tank, launching several smoke bombs near the enemy will make the tank unusable. his ability to close combat, giving the opportunity to flank him, reload the weapon, etc., can be used alone, but surely as a team the smoke tactic is more useful, while one covers the other with smoke, the second player can approach and flank the tank without problems. "
Smoke Grenade | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom.

Destroy a machines visual modules, then use smoke to become invisible for it.
I’ve tested it not long ago (against a tank and a harvester) and it works, but it’s no good tactic against greater amounts of machines, because the effects doesn’t last as long, but using it takes much time and even an additional slot in the wheel, when using smoke grenades or the g79 just for this purpose. The smoke shells for the granatgevär instead don’t need an additional slot, but it takes much time to reload it, especially if you also want to use HEDP rounds for example.

smoke grenades are still useful.
i did the himfjall survival. ( where you start new character and play himfjall. )

i never use smoke grenades as escape option. i used a flare for escape combat option.

its extremely affective to blind groups of hunters/runners. and it helped me alot from doing himfjall survival.
the only problem you can have with smoke grenades is. can be hard to find, could have weight problems and need to be good at predicting enemys movements.