#snackelsnaps aka food pics


okay so maybe I have too much time on my hands and while exploring the abandoned houses I like to take pictures of other people’s food.


Haha, I knew someone would screenshot the food eventually. I was amazed seeing such details the first time I played. Let’s see what we have…

1 and 2: Köttbullar med Mos (Meatballs and potato mash)
3: No idea.
4 and 5: Falukorv och Makaroner (Falusausage with pasta)
6, 7 and 8: Blodpudding med lingonsylt! (Blood sausage with lingon berry jam)
9: Looks like roadkill. I have no idea.
10 and 11: Fiskbullar (Fish… buns? Balls? No idea)


This thread made me so hungry i went out and bought some Falukorv:grin:

Its the fake Norwegian kind but it was the best i could do…



Haha, that’s possible because GZ is not a survival game, otherwise you might not have any spare time and you would prefer to eat food while sightseeing.



My small contribution.


These screenshots make me hungry. Though I wonder what Swede would consider eating outside in November.


In Kaptensvillan, in the garden.