Sniper spots for runners

Hi I was just wondering where is a good spot for sniping. I have mainly used tops of churches but often a tank or harvester will come along and the rockets will kill me. So are there any places high up to snipe from ( eg towers) ,.preferably sniping lots of runners?

I had an armada of FNIX runners at St.Maria curch in the northern mountain region. But I don’t know if this is common there.

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is st maria church the one south of hagaboda

It’s east of Klinte, close to the “Gun Club” mission. Coordinates are about -3400:-770.

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oh right. i have been there before but i have never stayed long enough for a fight

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Large open fields are ideal for sniping.

i know but i mean places that have lots of runners and if there is any a high place to snipe them from

You can attract a bunch of different doggies from the safehouse barn on the Broskulla farm in the farmlands. They’ll come running across the large fields and are good moving target practice!

There’s also a military class tank and a harvester on another farm within sniping reach from that barn. The good thing is that they can’t see you from their position, so you can just fire away. :smile:

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Also, if you didn’t take out the relay beacon NW of the Östervik warehouses, you can try some 350 meter sniping at the dogs guarding the beacon.

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Besides churches, you can also parkour your way on the roof of many houses and then use it to snipe the surrounding machines.

For example: me on top of a house, ready to drop 2x HE rockets in the middle of a runner pack.

Or me on top of a house, at Garphammar. It is one of the machine hotspots, where proper battle is almost always taking place.

Churches are also one of my fav ones, especially when you are on the roof, since you have far better visibility and more space to move around, rather than being in the bell tower.

If you play as a Sniper build, you need to think outside of the box to find good sniping spots, high above the ground. :wink:


Great post thanks a lot :grin: