Snow covered machine blueprints inside bunkers (plus missing map icon and collectable counter)

It seems that the rooms inside the Beredskapsförråds (and possibly other bunkers too) are susceptible to precipitation. Which, sometimes, results in the machine blueprints being covered with snow.

Obviously this looks really silly but more importantly it causes the collectables to be easily missed (especially by new players).

I have no idea if the actual falling snow/rain is visible inside too (since rain/snowfall is pretty random I have not seen that yet). However, the result of it obviously is.

Besides that, the map icon for Beredskapsförråd 111 and the collectable counter for Beredskapsförråd 113 are missing. Which is the case for several more locations and therefore probably part of a larger related bug.

Beredskapsförråd 113

Machine blueprint:

The bathroom:

There is no collectable counter when hovering over the location icon:

Beredskapsförråd 111

Machine blueprint:

On the way to Beredskapsförråd 111, this appeared on-screen:

After this “LOC:”, it showed that I had discovered “Beredskapsförråd 111”:

But there is no map icon to be seen:


Good bug report, this one annoyed me too but your excellent post means I don’t have to upload my one now :wink:

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I somewhat expected you to post this one earlier since it took a while and since you pointed out the snow (which I completely missed somehow). So credits where credits are due. :wink:

Now, (to quote yourself) “get your arse in gear” and post the other bugs you’ve found! :wink: