Snowball glitches, snowball concerns, snowball anything

let’s talk snowballs, report glitches, concerns, how to make snowballs better, augmentations, etc, etc, etc

First, @SR_Carni, GZ is veeeery beautiful in every condition, but this winter event, when everywhere is snow, is absolutely a highlight.

I would love not just to have a day/night cycle and weather, but to have the 4 seasons changing about every week, too.

Is that possible?

Longer terms for changing the season would be too long. Keep in mind that not every player plays GZ as long as some of us. And every player should see these changes in their playtime to have an additional reason to stay at GZ another week and another one and so on.


Now hear me out but…Heat ammo snowballs…

snowballs that freeze the robots, makes more sense than heat, unless, you put Taco Bell like hot sauce packets in the middle of the snowballs, and would break upon impact, melting the snowballs some

TacoBell Fire Sauce packets already more dangerous on its own lol lol lol

Then causing electrical shorts depending on impact location because of the water. That could work but i do mean heat ammo just like craftable. I mean, we’ve got self healing russian tanks… heat snowballs aren’t that far out there

just for the record :blush: snowballs still work, even with the winter event over, if you have snowballs stored away, so, what I can tell from this, you can join someone’s game, and they can’t turn on immunity, lol lol lol

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So no more snow everywhere?
No more snow mounds? :pleading_face: