So has anyone "fired it" up yet?


Been finding these on my new playthrough but I’m waiting for night time to try them out :wink:


Yes i have and their awesome both for combat and looks .


Only found one and for 8+ hours today of gamyplay, finding this is so far been the only new item iv found.


I found a few and they were glorious! :sunglasses:


I wish I had lit up all the boxes I had and recorded it…

Today my game hardcrashed for the first time in 800 hours and this new save was corrupted so ill have to find new ones later, I didnt backup the new save :wink:


well i’m in my 9th hour now and still havn’t found it. :frowning:

edit: do you have to make a new game (delete all characters and start from scrath) to find these?


I found 4 or 5 boxes playing the full archipelago and 80% of the southcoast on a new fresh save, so thats 6-10 hours id say. I’m enjoying the guerilla difficulty while being lower lvl sofar, its hard =)

I havent tried playing my regular save on this patch yet.


So you need a delete your progress that’s sad. I don’t wanna lose my clothing that i’ve worked so long for.


No you can probably find them anyways and if they are part of some anniversaryevent why wouldnt oldies get to participate? =)
I just havent tried playing my regular save since the inventory change, I wanted to ease it in while doing a full restart to see the Archipelago changes and to play the higher difficulty.


No, i have found them in my old save. Thats when i bought the game, over 390+ game hours ago. :slight_smile:


Found it


Thas is an amazing firework


One of the Hunters got upset tho.

btw what’s the easiest way to share videos on this forum, uploaded this to imgur but that turned it into gif format so no audio.


I fired 3 boxes off at the airport at night and had like 20 hunters show up.


Possibly a relevant question but: will the firework boxes be back permanently into the game at some point?

I really liked them and saved up a bunch in my stash.
Would love to see them back as a permanent drop.
Anyone got a clue? :slight_smile:


I’d love to see them for new year’s :slight_smile:


It could easily be made into a craftable item with a dropped schematic and hopefully it will.
Paper, adhesive and 20 fireworks at the crafting station. =)


Did that Hunter have a flamethrower??


You must be new… prepare yourself for Hunters armed with flamethrowers and long range grenade launchers :sweat_smile: .


Yeah. A month or two.
I’m already really, really disliking the hunters with gas grenades.
I’d rather fight 2tanks and 2 harvesters simultaneously than those things.

And I have.