So i have an idea for a new Faction

Well i thought of an idea with Swedish armed forces survivors and i have read so many replies or pots where people wants the Americans in the game so i made this idea for a new faction.

As Sweden is neutral the US special forces in this task force are under Swedish command. The US soldiers are there to help train the Survivors in Östertörn as there wasnt any type of group like that in Sweden. The task force is made up of Swedish and Americans, the Swedes are the best of the best from the program to make the first special forces group in Sweden (was in 1994 but this is a little alternate history) and the Americans are green berets.

Faction facts
Flag: Swedish flag
Personel: Around 200 (most are not deployed)
Leader: (REDACTED)
Base: In östertörn it is unknown

I think of them as a shadowy group that mostly fights in the shadows and in the night. But after a mission where the player intruduce them to the resistance they whould be around the resistance bases (and if we have another resistance element with NPC:s they whould be there too).

So i am not good at making Factions but what do you guys think?

It doesn’t seem to me as an active faction… Just another group of survivors that allies with the resistance… So just more NPCs standing around or to read of or find dead bodies from.

I agree that there should somehow be a presence of the US which explains the US weapons some more. I really would appreciate a realization of my suggestion for a better integration of the weapons pack weapons.

But as we now have soviets in sweden, who wanted to help the resistance, but lost control over their machines, why not introducing the US next? Why should soviets help but US not?

But how could this be done? I personally wouldn’t want them as the heroes that stop all the crazy machines. I additionally wouldn’t want to have just more machines of a new faction that looses control over them and which fight each other with swedish and soviet machines and the player(s).

Just a passive faction instead would be sad. There are “the growing tree” and “the iron church” but we didn’t even see one of them alive yet.

Any ideas?

I wouldn’t expect human soldiers of them to see fighting the machines. Maybe air- and seaborne units who can be called in for bombarding an area with drones, jets, helicopters or by destroyers? (use your binoculars to mark a target) There could be some cool effects and sounds.