So I made a trailer


You don’t seem to have too much trouble playing the game with the weapon wheel on Xbox?
Are you using tricks? :laughing:

Not bad :+1:

It looked like he is playing on Playstation.
And I agree. But that’s how it works for me, too.
If you place the most used items/weapons on the shortkeys (left, up, right, down in the weapon-wheel) and you exactly know which one you placed where it works as fast as before.

But of course it still has to be possible to move on with the left stick while using the wheel.

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Dare I say my brains recalibrating to the weapons wheel, it’s taking time but getting quicker on PS :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, ironically - I posted about how to quick swap bewteen weapons cos you couldn’t move and swap - turns out your meant to be able to…so thankfully - it will get easier.

For reference though - I swap quick by pressing RB, then the quick slot button a fraction after so it pull it up - remember though, pressing Y / Triangle will allow you to swap between the last 2 used.

So if you load 2 guns, you can press Y to swap between the 2, same principle for a med kit and weapon, firework and weapon etc…