So it's supports vs a stealth game?

I was told that they won’t put in a car because it is a stealth game and that’s great except as quiet as possible the enemies spot me from a literal mile away and chase me with no hope they stop even if I go in a bunker and close all the doors the attack the door till I try to leave. Also the game glitches out all the time where I can’t loot anything Untill I find water deep enough that force respawn me… Try dying but even that wont work.

Hello, and welcome to the forums. I’m gonna go ahead and move this thread into General Discussion for now, it seems better suited there. I’ll also shorten your topic title a bit as well as it’s a bit long to read.

There are several good threads on the forums if you want advice on how to try the sneaky approach or go in guns blazing. This is not a stealth game however, it has stealth elements but you can choose how you plan your approach. I’m not sure what you mean when you say that enemies spot you from very far away, I’ve never seen that myself.

They can hear you coming from afar though, especially Hunters, but not from extreme distances unless you make a lot of noise like shooting your weapon or making things explode. Sounds like that travel very far and can be picked up by enemies.

Finally, if you’ve found any glitches or bugs, feel free to post them in the Bug Reports forum. Use this template to make a bug report.