So many bugs for a while now

After 5 years you would think that the bugs would be worked out. It feels like there is just excuse after excuse. The bugs are worse than ever, and it contemptuous towards loyal fans that these problems continue.
On my PS5, the game now crashes almost every time I play! The other known bugs make gameplay difficult and irritating.
I have been playing from the beginning and I am sooo disappointed in the performance of the game.

What are you doing?
For me it runs better than ever on PS5.
No crashes for a long time now.
Are you running it from an external memory?

For a game, where so many changed inbetween, this expectation is otherworldly. Old bugs go, new bugs come. That’s quite normal for such an evolving game.
Oh man, there are so many reasons…

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You really have no problems? I am running off internal memory. I have reloaded the game twice. All other games work fine.

At least no crashes.
There are still issues with lost safehouses in my first world and in my second world a stuck building blocks mission.
But technically the game runs good.

I expanded my internal memory with a 1TB WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD. And for my other PS4 games I also have a 2TB USB 3.0 SSD.

You only play on PS4, no Windows?

About your other remark: I agree. It’s só difficult to bring updates without creating new bugs. Sounds crazy, but has to do with accumulation of factors. Exactly what you stated ‘there are só many reasons’.

Here, on Windows, almost never problems with crashing of the game, not even in Multiplayer.

I’m right there with you partner. I downloaded the game and was completely enamored with it, but after a while the bugs were just to intrusive to keep playing. UI bugs, graphical bugs, poor resolution (on ps5 at least) and an overuse of motion blur to cover up poor frame rate. I really do love the idea of this game, and the overall ambiance is unmatched in certain situations, but it’s just way to rough around the edges. I made the decision to put it down until the devs can update the frame rate and resolution for ps5. I’ll happily return when the game is a little more optimised for console. Here’s hoping they can work out all the issues.

After the last update, the game crashes at time when you fast travel. You select where you want to fast travel to and instead of the game opening there, the screen goes black and then the crash report comes up on the desktop. PC/Steam. And this is only in solo play and not in co-op.

Also, since before the last update. And this is very rare, I get a base spawn, then a rival spawn. I fast travel to destroy the base and a few seconds later another base spawns. Today the second base spawned as a leveled up base already. The first base was a normal base and easy to destroy. Because I didn’t notice the second base, thought the notice was the first base leveling up, since it just spawned.

The second base had a few dozen runners and the more I destroyed them, the more that came. Kind of like the hunters when control points were introduced and the bases were all bugged. This was the same but runners and After it was clear that I was going to have endless waves I started going for destroying the base. Destroyed 6 generators and then was able to destroy the shield generator.

Once the base was destroyed, I fast traveled to a recycle station but that is when the game crashed.

This is about the 4th time I have had bases and rivals spawning rapidly, in a few minutes apart and then instantly leveling up. This has been happening in solo and co-op with me as the host for the last few months, maybe 5 months. It is starting to happen often enough, it is annoying.

I have to agree with OP, unfortunately. I’m a relatively new player, came on board with the Playstation Plus free release of Gen0.

I still love this game to bits, but I’m feeling the devs are squandering a chance here with a substantial number of new players, by not even fixing some basic, but very intrusive bugs in time.

Take the “inventory overlay bug” for example. It’s been reported multiple times since the last patch. It’s grave enough to be considered a priority. It’s inventory related, and only appeared after the last patch, so I’m absolutely sure it could be fixed relatively easily.

This is a bug that makes gameplay substantially worse, and has a real chance to destroy the player’s items. That’s 100% worth a hot fix in my opinion, and yet: complete radio silence by the devs.

The Playstation Plus release gave this game a second chance at getting the exposure it deserves. Please don’t fumble this, Avalanche, by deprioritizing bug fixes.

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Wrong. You just have to hear what they say. They won’t send you a PM. They already announced a fix for the december update.

I’m sure you’re free to apply at systemic reaction to fix those bugs, if it’s that easy.

You should read a bit more.
The devs already told the reasons why there can’t be hotfixes for every single bug any time.

I missed the announcement, fair enough.

But, no, I don’t need to “apply at systemic reactions” to criticize how the company behind this game treats bugs.

I’ve already said, I absolutely love this game, but it sure is making it hard at times to be loved. I’ll add now, a week in, I bought every single expansion because I felt this game is absolutely worth it.

Conversely, that does mean I feel entitled to criticize aspects of this game. Feel free to correct me where I’m factually wrong (like on the “radio silence” remark), but don’t expect me to cheer for a bug backlog that is embarrassingly long.

Yes, sure.
There are quite some things or descitions I don’t like or agree with, too.
But if there is one thing I learned over the time, then it’s that we have to be patient.

The devs have their working processes and an internal roadmap. If not necessary, they won’t stop that. So they keep on working and release fixes with the next updates in general.
There are other reasons, too, like every update for playstation has to go through Sonys hands, first. And the devs don’t want to update just one platform any more. There already was one situation where PC and Playstation got some new updates, which Xbox didn’t get because of some platform related issues. It took about half a year until Xbox got the same state as the others.

Keep in mind: bugs don’t have switches for turning them off. And solving one bug on the other hand may cause new bugs, too.

It’s not as easy as most players often expect it to be.