So much stutter

Hello I was wondering, ever since I got the last DLC the game stutter and it’s so annoying it makes it almost non-playable, I’m not sure what can cause this but I did notice in some trailers and houses that you can see 2 pictures in the same frame and the plaques ( for example “home sweet home” will have 2 different messages ) and it seems to be worst after I right-click to aim, I really like the game but with this constant stutter I can’t play more than 5 minutes before I rage quit.

Welcome to the forums. I’ve moved this to #bug-reports, please use this template when reporting bugs and issues, otherwise we have no way of knowing how to work things out.


What’s your full system specs?
Also, at what reso are you playing?
Moreover, when was the last time you did a malware check on your PC?
And to end it, do you know how much bloatware you have in your system (since latter can hog system resources and lag the game)?