Some dumb stuff I'd like added

Hunter Companion
With all the hunter parts

Hunter Armour

  • Light Hunter Armor - Cannot take much damage - similar to Runner 2c Armor (50 steel, 25 wood)
  • Standard Hunter Armor - Can take as much damage as a FNIX hunter (50 steel, 25 wood, 15 platinum, 10 lead)
  • Reinforced Hunter Armor - Can take a ton of damage (100 steel, 50 wood, 30 platinum, 20 lead)
  • Hunter Juggernaut - Comically overpowered Hunter armor (500 steel, 250 wood, 150 platinum, 100 lead, 250 Aluminium)

Desert Eagle
Just for the hell of it honestly
.50 AE
For the Desert Eagle

.45 Colt SAA
I play too much RDR2 but it’s also in TheHunter COTW so
Plus I want a fannable revolver
.45 Long Colt
For the SAA

Deployable M2 Browning
To make base defense more… Fun
Comes in 5 tiers, dealing more damage and having less felt recoil.
Must be deployed to use
Comes with basic ammo but can be equipped with .50 BMG FMJ or AP or experimental.

M1918 BAR
WW1 Automatic Rifle just for the fun of it

Just for when that one hunter squad passes by
You have to aim this yourself

Comically large spoon
100% stun rate
can one shot everything
can be thrown at firebirds
automatic tracking
This one’s a joke btw

idk im out of ideas

Wow, this is really Nice

me boutta say “dont forget the quarter” when I get a hunter to 25% hp

Platinum? Do you mean plastic or uranium?

goddamn it