Some enemies can hit you thru walls

i’ve encountered a bug. I was hiding in a relatively small building near the back corner trying to heal then, I get absolutely Molly whopped thru the wall by a robot dog enemy

Hi @Yowereto !

Sorry to hear that you encountered this “feature” of the game!

This has been a thing in the game for some time and have been reported as a bug.

For the time being, you have to calculate with possibility that you can/will sometimes be hit by the machines through a “solid” wall. Unfortunate but true! Imo I think it has improved a little since the last update, but it might also be just luck/coincidence!

Ah yeah well thats still a bit of an issue i gues… tgt with enemies phasing through buildings and getting stuck in the livingroom etc. Its just one of those things thats been around for a long time.

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If it’s a Hunter with a .50 that’s supposed to happen. If you see one with a red laser pointed at you. Expect that round to be headed your way promptly.