Some feedback after 100hrs of playing the game



Edit: removed one item in the list since I noticed its already in the game, yup I’m still learning :smiley:

Edit 2: I forgot to mention weapon-balancing. See last point in list below.

Hi there Avalanche!

First off, let me just thank you for a true masterpiece of a game! Being from Sweden, and being a kid in the 80s, I’m amazed and stunned by the level of detail, by the immersion of the story, and the credibility of the environment of the game. I have about 100 hours of gameplay logged right now, and finished the main story, even though I might have some collectibles left on the map still. I also wish to thank you for you presence in these fora, for your twitch livestreams and for being active in answering questions and continuing to promote, patch and develop the game. Its really awesome!

In light of this, I wanted to share some of my own humble impressions with you. These are inspired by my own gameplay of course, but also by other people’s questions and concerns on this forum and on your live-streams. Feel free to use it as feedback, and as suggestions for improved gameplay if you feel its relevant. It would also be interesting to hear what others think of the suggested improvements listed here below.


ok so here goes:

1. Cumbersome to change weapon or bind health to quick-slot during fights

The issue is that you have to go into your inventory to change weapon, and to bind medkits and throwables, in the middle of firefights. This is crucial when in combat since one is quite seldom perfectly prepared for a specific fight beforehand (with for example the correct weapons equipped). This issue breaks up the heat of the moment imo, forcing the player to temporarily flee the scene of battle, and occasionally causing unneccesary deaths, use of adrenaline shots and/or medkits.

Example: Let’s say I spot a runner somewhere. I have a sniper rifle and a shotgun equipped, and one simple medkit in a quick-slot. No big deal right? I engage the runner, but all of a sudden four hunters that I didn’t see are alerted and start to run toward me. This is a different fight now. I should equip grenades, rocket launcher, assault rifle. And one medkit does not suffice any more, I need to change to a standard or advanced medkit. But how can I do this when they are charging? There is virtually no space/time to do anything of this sort and I am seriously underpowered - but not in a fun/challenging way, rather in an annoying way. Why? Because I have all the equpiment I need, I just don’t have access to it. I need to run away for some time so that I can change my loadout.

Suggestion: Have a weapon wheel system (like GTA5) instead of emoji-dances, to enable quick-choice of weapons. Have all medkits be a part of this wheel as well, freeing up space for the quick-choice buttons. Additionally (if possible, not sure if it can be done): Change the way quick-choices function by grouping certain items. Red and White gas canisters should be grouped so that when I run out of one type of canister, the same quick-slot is automatically equipping the other canister. Same with flares and fireworks; radios, boomboxes and seeker-horns; small and medium EMPs; large EMPs and car-batteries; small, medium and large fuel cells, etc.

2. XP is too time dependent and does not measure skill

Let’s say I spot a runner. I engage the runner but miss my clumsy sniper-shots so that it approaches closer to me. I swap weapons to an SMG or an assault rifle while taking damage. After a clumsy cat-and-mouse game I finally manage to kill the runner after some time has passed by. I get +30 XP for the kill. For multiple enemies during which I play equally clumsy, I can easily be awarded +100 or more XP when the fight is finally over.

Let’s assume then, that I become better at the game and start using actual skill and tactics to take down my enemies. For example, I spot a tank. The tank is next to a road, just behind some bushes. I wait until it starts to walk towards the road while sneak past it unnoticed. I approach from behind and notice there is a clear line-of-sight between myself and the tank. While still undetected, I crouch walk towards it and from a distance throw an EMP at it. During the 2 crucial seconds that the tank is out, I quickly sprint towards it! I equip an explosive, plant it right at its feet and as the tank is waking up again, I am already at a safe distance. I pick up my sniper-rifle, aim down the scope and fire at the explosive and boom! The tank is down. One of the most satisfying one-shot kills across many games right now.

Here is the problem: I only get +10 XP for all that work. The game doesn’t reward me for risky kills, or stealthy kills. Rather, the more a clumsy firefight is prolonged in time, the higher will my XP become. Quick-and-awesome kills are not rewarded at all. In fact, I get more XP from straight up shooting down a seeker, than risking my life against a tank. So why should I bother?

Suggestion: Have a unique base-XP awarded for the kill of each enemy-type, in addition to other factors already present in the game. It’s laughable that a tank and a seeker gives you the same XP to be honest. Something like XP for seekers = (existing XP calculator-10 XP) + 10 XP while a FNIX-tank = (existing XP calculator-10XP) + 60 XP, or something of the sorts. XP HAS TO SCALE WITH ENEMY DIFFICULTY!

3. Adrenaline shot super-nerf

In the last patch, A-shots had a slightly increased spawn rate, but I still think it’s not enough. I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2 after looting extensively. When in more difficult fights, I sometimes need to respawn a long way away and run all the way back to finish off my enemies. Sort of kills the heat of the moment when you’re in a fight. This is aggravated by the fact that it promotes a “safer” gameplay, meaning more tactics and stealth - which in turn is not rewarded as per described in the XP issue here above. Too few A-shots means that you will not engage in those type of fights that give you XP, while safer one-shot kills for example - which are promoted in a game with so few A-shots - do not feel rewarding at +10XP per encounter. Does this make sense?

Suggestion: Increase the chance of receiving A-shots.

4. Safehouses have enemies in them or very close to them

Self-explanatory. I think one of the bunker-safe houses has an automatic respawn of ticks and hunters right outside the safehouse itself, which forces you to engage in a fight each time you spawn there. It becomes annyoing the fourth time you are forced to do it.

Suggestion: Increase the radius of the safe-zone outside a safehouse. Define it to be at the range a seeker can detect you + 10 meters.

5. Enemies detect you vertically

Most noticable when inside or above bunkers. When you are inside the bunker, you tend to alert enemies that are several meters above you on the surface. Also vice-versa: your enemy indicator is turned yellow when you are walking on the surface above a bunker, detecting enemies that are separated from you through meters of soil and concrete. Sounds from said enemies are not shielded: you can hear the noises of the enemies through this vertical distance and it makes the whole thing lose credibility. It’s quite annoying to hear the thump of a tank as if it was standing next to you, for the 20 minutes you are exploring the bunker (for example).

Suggestion: Shield noise vertically. Make the AI not detect you when you are in a bunker and the AI is on the surface, and vice-versa.

6. Hunters melee jump is over-powered

On top of powerful weapons and an aggressive AI, Hunters have a melee jump attack that is pretty much unavoidable. I write “pretty much” since its mostly down to luck if you manage to avoid taking damage. Even if you can tell when they are about to start jumping, no matter how much you sprint to the sides or away from them, they pretty much always get you. I’ve seen hunters change direction mid-air when I have moved out of the way - and this is immersion breaking since it takes away the skill from the player.

Suggestion: Make it easier to avoid the hunter jump-attack if you sprint to the sides or backward from where they’re originally jumping to.

7. Problems with full inventory

When the inventory is full you cannot loot certain items that you already possess.
Example: Let’s say you have your inventory full and 2 grenades in a quick-slot. You cannot pick-up another grenade since it is not within the general inventory. You have to first drop an item on the ground, freeing up one slot, move the 2 existing grenades from the quick-slot to a general inventory slot, and then pick up the grenade from the loot, making in total 3 grenades. Then you have to move these 3 grenades back to the quick-slot and finally pick up the dropped item from the floor again.

This applies to equipped ammo as well: you need to do the same inventory-dance with items before being able to pick up the ammo.

Suggestion: Auto-stack picked up items with the same item-type if this is already in the inventory - REGARDLESS if the item is 1) placed in a quick-slot or not and 2) is ammo of an already equppied type in a current weapon.

8. Weapons need balancing

This refers specifically to the .50 cal. Usually, the .50 cal is one of the most powerful weapons, but in this game it really feels like a pea-shooter sometimes. It should tear some weaker enemies to pieces with one shot quite fast, and skilled/aimed shots at weak-points on hunters and tanks should also do more damage/shot. For example, I currently need to fire 3 x .50 cal shots at a Hunters rifle to make it fall off. For a .50 cal, this is really too much.

Suggestion: Make the .50 cal more powerful in the game. To balance it off, make it harder to use it. Reload time/clip size/spawn-rate of ammo and of the weapon itself etc. All of this can be adjusted and would actually make it feel even more special to handle this powerful weapon once you have it.


I agree with most here, especially the cumbersome inventory system.

Regarding nr 6, try sprinting towards the hunter and slightly to the side when it jumps, and it will often jump over you.


Replying to give this some visibility.

Everything in this post is spot on and should be carefully looked at by developers.


We need more threads like these, where bug and feedback reports are gathered together rather than filling up the forums.


I agree with most everything you have said on this.

Replacing the (for me completely useless) dance moves wheel with an inventory is a great idea and I wish I had thought of it.

The jump attack is really overpowered and I had at least 8 deaths from Runners last night, because the Xbox One due to button presses being ignored or presenting the wrong weapon or item (swapping to the same almost empty weapon in a fight is really bad)

One occasion required 9 presses before it let me have the weapon in Slot 2

(Yes I did change to my sons controller and even rebooted the XBox (leading to encountering even greater numbers of respawn robots))

Those issues alone have almost caused me to walk away on multiple occasions


The respawning and teleporting robots, particularly in bunkers especially the Uttern bunker and the safe house (shed) in the underground loading area.

As for Uttern bunker having Runners teleporting into already cleared rooms (I even closed the door to make sure they didn’t wander in)

*This simply spoils ALL chance of immersion and selling the game world to the player it feels like arbitrary punishment upon the player. and a lot of those events feel scripted (which is really really poor)

I don’t mind a couple of Ticks having been left behind, or even a couple of robots wandering in through an open door, but whole packs standing around your spawn point is basically crap.

In the Loading Area groups of 8 Runners and 2 or 3 hunters simply spoils the game (especially when you always run into additional hunters and tanks when you leave the bunker via the railway tracks) when you were only using it for fast travel and simply want to go somewhere else.

Additionally certain churches guarantee at least a Tank,and a minimum of 3 hunters and packs of Runners every time you start a game there, once again this feel like punishment when you have a 10 minute battle just to have a quick game session.

Inventory System:
The inventory may be bad on the PC but it’s worse on consoles and ignoring button presses to swap between the quick item list or weapons seems to have got worse for the XBox One (used my sons new controller and it’s the same issue.)

Between the hordes of robots at safehouses and inventory issues a 40 minute run to an already known site took took over 2 and a half hours and I still never got to where I was going.


Please please please add inventory wheen instead of emoji wheel can we just have you swap quick slots with emoji on console for dead use and the have the emoji wheel be quick inventory really blows the immersion real life would be able to swap between many weapons quickly with holsters and slings. Also for console RB does nothing so I believe using RB to use throwables would be even better and more immersive.

Also on topic of trying to avoid the runners melee attack… Please add a Dodge mechanic.

  1. I’ve not had an issue with this. There are times when my wife and I stumble into a big fight. We had an example of picking a fight with a hunter pack…only to find out two more were nearby. So, thankfully we had a house to kite around and some trees. But it was easy enough to swap weapons…just run in a straight line you can run while you bring up the inventory, keep the W key held in and you keep running. This reason alone is why I insist on keeping my inventory laid out in a certain way with weapons along the top, ammo at the bottom and meds in the middle. It takes only a second or two to swap most times. This doesn’t of course, take into account the slow and cumbersome system of actually swapping weapons once equipped. Often times I have to smash a button a few times even to reload due to some odd timing issue. And swapping weapons and slow reloads has got me into trouble far more often than swapping from my inventory.

  2. Not sure what math they use but I totally agree here. There have been times we’ve one shot bad guys and got 30xp only to run away from the same kind later and get 100+xp when “fled combat” comes up.

  3. I think they did nerf it a bit too much so I agree with this. I don’t want it to be like the first week again were you could build a fort out of adrenaline shots because you found so many, but I’d like to see it bumped up a tiny bit. What I’d REALLY like to see is certain buildings having first aid or medical kits on the walls or in certain stations that would have the shot plus a first aid kit or two…rather than just assuming random civilians all carry around these shots in their backpacks…that they leave behind while fleeing giant robot death machines.

  4. Agreed, there needs to be some kind of math that procs a clearing step in a given radius for when a player spawns into a safe house. It simply runs out and deletes any normally placed bad guys within a given area.

  5. FFS please fix this! We always get detected even when far below the robots while in bunkers. It’s annoying and makes no sense. How could they detect you through fifty feet of dirt and steel reinforced concrete?!

  6. I’ve not personally seen them adjust mid-air but I’ve been able to get out of their way most of the time. I get nailed now and then but typically only a glancing blow unless I’m stuck on something I didn’t see and then that’s more my own stupid fault. It’s pretty easy…if you’re in shotgun range with hunters, move move move and don’t let them square up on you or they’ll engage the jump routine. But, if you’re that close, just accept that you’re gonna take some damage.

  7. Dear God please fix this. Items that have incomplete stacks should fill first THEN go to a fresh stack. About half our game is now taken up with juggling ammo types.

  8. Totally agree on the ballistic performance of the .50BMG it needs more oomph. Look…if I can kill these giant death robots with my trusty 7.62 then a freak’n .50 should maul them. The whole point of the rifle in the game isn’t sniping…it’s actually an anti-materiel rifle! It’s designed to shoot THINGS, and knock parts off or holes into…NOT people! So it should absolutely be a threat to big metal robots. Even the ball rounds should pop armor panels off and give heavy damage to joints and blow weak spots like optics and swivel mounts right off in one or two hits.

What I do not agree with is “balance” but only because that is simply a pet peeve of mine. Firearms aren’t meant to be balanced and are, in fact meant to be the exact opposite of balance. In war the idea is to be the guy with the upper hand…i.e., unbalanced. I get that in games balance has become a big topic. But why…it’s pretty obvious…learning curves. Remember “get gud nub”? When the new guy comes in he’s destroyed by the salty vets who’ve played hundreds of hours and know the maps and weapons. You’re standing there trying to figure things out and people curb stomp you and you never get a chance. Well…guess what…that’s just how it goes, freak’n get good :slight_smile: It just takes practice and the will to keep trying. Balance…is what people came up with to nerf this situation.

Remember BF3?..remember that sexy IR sight?..remember mowing people down with it? NO? Ok maybe that was just me…point is, people started crying about it and soon after it became useless when “balanced” because they limited how far you can see through it to something like ten feet…seriously what good IS that to anyone? It was basically a big F U to those of us using it.

But rest easy…you can still suck up RPG rounds with your chopper all day long eye roll

Sorry, bit of a rant there…ahem…so ya, no need to balance anything with the .50 just make the darn thing hit harder than high velocity watermelons! Same goes with the RPG! No, the Gustav isn’t the end-all weapon in that class to be sure. But, it should still do more damage than it does. The idea of anti-armor weapons is to basically ignore the armor by poking tiny holes through it and spraying the insides with supersonic jets of molten metal. Our system just makes big clouds and noises and smudges the paint. I think the tanks simply die after a while because they get bored and sore from all the bruises from 30 rockets so they blow their own cores :slight_smile: