Some feedback after 60hrs ingame

60hrs in single player on PC. loving the game and have some feedback.

hovering a weapon should make appropriate ammo flash
Just like hovering ammo makes appropriate guns flash. I should not have to memorize what ammo goes where. Also the weapon text should contain info about what ammo they need for all weapons, not just a few.

more detailed info about what attachments are on a weapon
Now I have to remove an attachment to see its quality and compare them.

Checkbox to only show apparel that has a perk
I spend far too much time sifting through all the apparel when I want to gear up for stealth. A filter would be nice too.

Press space to pick up all loot, or only selected loot
Minimize clicks

Find more of the ammo you are using and for the weapons you have equipped
Maybe as part of the salvage skill. I like scavenging for stuff, but not hours on end just to find normal SMG ammo. or add some well stocked ammo crates that will drop a specific ammo each time, like the .32 acp crates at the start.

Right click on food or medkits to use them
Now I have to drag the semla to a slot, exit inventory, equip the semla, eat the semla, enter inventory, drag whatever was in the slot before back to the slot – just to have a tasty snack.

rebalance single player something is wrong. I have so many rivals spawning. and I cant kill them all, because I haven’t got enough ammo. scavenging for ammo and killing encounters while doing so spawns more rivals. Single player is effing hard compared to multi. make explosives more damaging in singleplayer, drop more ammo.

more cool traps!
Crushing the machines with stealth and wit is great fun! remote detonators, sticky explosives and magnetic stuff, tripwires, let’s use the environment against them. single players need all the help they can get.

respec points yes. mistakes were made. and I really don’t want to start a new character to get my build right. leveling takes forever, and I like this one except for a few flaws.

add new items to the stacks in the slots
Add new medkits to the ones already in my equip slot. add new ammo to the ones in use before piling them in the inventory. now I have to remove the remaining bullets from the weapon, drag them to another stack of the same type, then drag them back to the weapon. it’s just an unnecessary hassle.

The Plundra Storage

  • Sort by type, name, quality, please
  • Search and highlight
  • How about a grid instead of a list
  • bug: images sometimes disappear when you scroll
  • info about quality is lacking

Thanks for a super fun and beautiful game!


Hey @spindrift,

Thanks for all the feedback! I’m glad all the hard work Avalanche has been putting into this game is paying off. I do understand there are parts of the game that could use some tampering with, I think the character respec is a pretty popular request. The other quality of life points you have are also good. Here’s to more updates in the future that will undoubtedly improve the game even more, cheers!



Really fine list of requests, @spindrift. Much of it has been touched upon in threads in here already, but you sum it up nicely. Couldn’t have done it nearly as good myself :+1:


They dont even work. Devs, could you please hide the text of the perk untill they work?

Indeed a good list of requests!
And as @Dantec said, fixing the apparel is needed.
Please Devs, put theses fixes in line for the next big update, and thank you for the latest improvements.

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