Some feedback for the looting

Hi, it would be such a quality of life if we could disable (maybe in option) the popup window for selecting a certain amount of loot whenever you are adding loot to your inventory. just a suggestion^^

How do you suggest we select the amount of loot we want to store or take?

to be the same ofc. what I mean is that it would be cool if you could loot individual items without having to choose the amount every time you add an item to your inv.

Like just taking all with square (on Playstation), but just for a single item?

Could be difficult for consoles, as you need another free button.

For me, playing on ps5, it wouldn’t help. I know what I want when I take loot. Just one short look, some button presses and finished. Maybe it’s just me, but I think (again: on console) it’s already as fast as possible.


thats why it should be a toggle in the option menu.