Some issues we have noticed in multiplayer

Just some odd things my friend and I have noticed in multiplayer. I am only reporting these as they are quite important yet I have not seen them mentioned by others.

When we are invited into each others games, more often than not it seems like the invited player is being punished as far as loot is concerned. For example, in my own game typical bullet quantities per item are often from 20 to 40 because of the skills I have enabled. But when I am in his game or he is in mine in many, many cases bullet counts are most often in the 5-15 range for ammo in crates. But not always for example 5.56 ammo often has normal counts. Yet bullet counts from downed enemies seem correct. It is as if my skill perks are only applied in my own game.

When invited into a game it is not uncommon to find ammo crates able to be opened yet completely empty? And many times even if an ammo crate has something in it it is more often blue 9mm handgun ammo and/or a blue flashlight and is seldom regular ammo?

Just wanted to let the devs know about this in case they are not already aware.

Hmm I have always found 5.56 rare to the extent that I stopped carrying that rifle.