Some loot is impossible to get to!

I play on PC but feel this is a generic problem cross-platform. In Norra Salthomen there was a house with a medpack on top of one of the shelves - too high up to reach and leaving it impossible to get 100% completion. Here is a screenshot of another example: a box that I cannot jump/crawl/crouch past to get to since there are boxes and cartons in between. Is there a workaround for this?

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There’s also a body and weapon I can’t get to just outside the resistance camp on Norra Saltholmen. It’s in a watchtower that is just out of reach. I’ve tried jump onto the side from various directions and it just throws me off when I get towards the front.

jump on the walls around small tower, youll get there

I tried, it just kept launching me off.

be really gentle…